Zoolander 2 – The Review



drop cap Well I took one for the team. My grandson and his cousin were outstanding with this last round of semester grades and our ritual of reward is to take them out to dinner. They wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill in Yuma – so the guys went on a road trip. I like going to Yuma because it is a peaceful drive and there are many good restaurants. If you are with a wife, their mall is very nice with many stores we don’t have.

Anyway, back to the reel deal. When asked what else we could do, the goofy grandchild suggested seeing Zoolander 2. I wasn’t that excited about the idea because I hadn’t seen Zoolander 1 and I really wanted to see either “Risen” or “Race”. But real love is sacrificial, and I said OK and then was punished for the next hour and 45 minutes. Now on the upside, my grandson loved it.

The film is a spoof about the male modeling and fashion industry, both things about which I know little. I do like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, but I’m not so hot on Will Ferrel. What I did like was the cameos, one of which Sting plays a small, but significant, role in the film. There were other familiar faces, many of them pretty.

The film was extremely visual and that was a plus, but a lot of it didn’t really make sense to me. I would very much suggest previewing the prequel first. If you like it, then the sequel will probably be very entertaining. A lot of story lines were either confusing, didn’t makes sense, or written under the influence of medical marijuana. In the movie, Ben, an award winning male model, has his wife die and loses custody of his son, but that doesn’t seem to bother him, as he seeks seclusion in a cabin on some snowy mountain.

The movie reminded me a lot of “Dumb and Dumber”, not in the visual sense, but a movie about a couple of idiots stumbling forward to solve life and identity issues. There were moments that many others laughed, and I scratched my head, but also times when I was the only one laughing in the theater. Go figure. The story is the quest of a father to get his son, who turns out to be a little “fluffy” and not the most attractive card in the deck. It also is about getting back on top, after you have fallen.

It was a movie about self-esteem, how fragile it can become, and how it is often defined by others. “Your insides are measured by the outside of others.” It was bizarre in many ways, and that will appeal to a lot of folks, as it did for the grandchild. The movie was kinda like a “potato pizza” I had the other day that my son-in-law had bought to try something different. We were both unimpressed and it reminded me of how much I like pepperoni! If you are a visual viewer, see it in the big theater. If not, wait and get it at the Red Box for a buck!