WOVEN women’s conference held in Brawley

Woven conf.
Nicole Reeves Rothfleisch Photo

BRAWLEY – Over 20 churches were represented at the annual WOVEN women’s conference Saturday, September 21, at Gateway Church in Brawley.

Featured speaker Renee Swope, radio show co-host and author, gave a presentation on her personal study called “A Confident Heart.”

Renee Swope

Ms. Swope hails from Charlotte, NC.

“I’m so glad that there are people here who have a heart and vision for what God wants to do right here in this community with the women that live right here,” said Swope. “They want to find their purpose and God’s plan for their life.

God wants to call them out of the shadows of their doubts and discouragement so they can live in the light and the hope and the purpose of what He has for them. All of those things that hold them back and keep them from experiencing all that God has for them.”

“The Spirit was moving,” said Shannon Colace, attendee. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The Worship was incredible. We were changed for the better.”

For more information on Ms. Swope’s study “A Confident Heart,” go to www.reneeswope.com.

Swope offers the options of a DVD and a devotional to enhance the popular study.