Will Alabama Abortion Center Remain Open? Judge to Hear Arguments Friday


 newwomanALABAMA - An Alabama judge will hear arguments Friday in a case involving a Birmingham abortion center allegedly operating illegally after the state shut it down for violating health codes.

The state’s Department of Public Health (DPH) initiated the license revocation process against New Woman All Women (NWAW) in March 2012. Owner Diane Derzis closed the abortion selling business and surrendered its license two months later. Pro-lifers conducted an undercover investigation and found the center was still operating. And the center’s website continues to show that abortions are still available and performed at its location.

“This is outrageous — an unconscionably blatant disregard for all women,” said Dana Cody, executive director of Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF). “For Derzis to defiantly reopen a clinic that was forcibly closed is an unbelievably arrogant slap in the face to the State of Alabama, the city of Birmingham, and every law abiding business operator in the city.”

LLDF wrote a letter to the Alabama DPH in March urging it to investigate the abortion seller. A week after its investigation, the department filed a civil complaint seeking to close the abortion center for operating illegally, according to court documents. General counsels Brian Hale and Patricia Ivie are representing the department.

“New Woman All Women needs to close permanently before there are more victims to add to the growing list,” Cody explained. “Tonya Reaves is dead to a ‘safe, legal abortion’ in Chicago. Gosnell left a trail of victims, both women and children in Philadelphia.”

Reaves died of a hemorrhage in July 2012 hours after she had an abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood. She was 24. In a separate case, abortionist Kermit Gosnell, 72, was found guilty earlier this month of three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of babies who were born alive and of the involuntary manslaughter in the death of a pregnant woman.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. Abortion sellers continue endangering women and children.

On Wednesday, two former Planned Parenthood nurses testified before the Delaware state senate about the unsafe, unsanitary conditions that led them to quit their jobs last month.

“If what these nurses say is true, real women — especially poor women — are being hurt as Delaware abortion providers uses sub-standard, third-world medical care, regardless of the human cost,” said Ellen Barosse, founder of the Delaware pro-life group A Rose and A Prayer. “We are grateful to these brave women for caring enough about their patients for being willing to share their stories.”