Wildcats Roll Over Wolf Pack on Way to Semifinals




“In Literary terms a group of Wildcats is known as a destruction of Wildcats and a group of Wolves is a known as a pack of wolves.”


BRAWLEY – A ”Destruction of Wildcats” from Brawley did just that Friday night at Warne Field as they hosted the Wolf Pack of West Hills in Division II quarterfinal playoff action. Our B-Town Boys destructed any thoughts the Wolf Pack had of a victory and a rematch with El Capitan in the semifinals.


From the opening drive, the Wildcats proved that the grass IS always greener on the other side, especially when you have “Beast Mode” mowing down 146 of the 329 yards on 25 rushing attempts. Brawley had 46 rushes in the game. Scoring touchdowns on all four drives in the first half; they prevailed by a score of 29-13. The Wildcats will now face the Vaqueros of El Capitan in the semifinals next Friday night in Lakeside.


Brawley took early advantage in its first drive that started at their 28-yard line. Eight straight runs by Andrew Ortiz moved the ball easily to the West Hills eight. From there, Moises Lazos took a pitch around the left side for the first score of the game. The drive took a little more than four minutes and the Wildcats led 7-0, after an Omar Celis PAT with 7:55 left in the first.


The first possession for the Wolf Pack signaled a possible shootout as they themselves had a long drive of 62 yards in an astonishing 16 plays. The drive included a successful fake punt when QB/Punter Spencer Moyer threw a thirteen-yard pass to Jacob Shaw on fourth down to the Brawley 33 yard line. With :45 seconds left in the first quarter, West Hills scored on an 8-yard pass to Taj Broomfield. The point after kick was blocked and Brawley held a slight edge at 7-6.


Brawley’s next drive lasted just over two minutes as they drove 74 yards on eight plays. Two personal fouls by the visiting team showed frustration mounting for the Wolf Pack. During the drive, on one of the personal fouls, sophomore Austyn Gutierrez suffered what appeared to be a knee injury. Andrew Ortiz avenged that when he scored the first of his three TD’s with a 2-yard run and a 14-6 lead after the PAT.


The Wildcat’s defense forced the Wolf Pack to punt on their next two drives. Each punt was answered with a Brawley touch down. One drive was seven plays that totaled 75 yards. Ross Rubio, who had 71 yards on 10 carries, ignited the drive with a 42-yard run. Ortiz carried the final eleven for the TD as Brawley’s lead increased to 20-6 with 5:44 left in the half.


Drive four, after another punt by West Hills, began at their own 20-yard line. Playing for injured Gutierrez, Nathan Suits had two carries for 60 of the drive’s 80 yards, one of which was a 53-yard burst. Ortiz scored from 14 yards out for a score that took only four plays to accomplish. A two point attempted pass was not successful and the halftime score was 26-6.


The second half adjustments by the Wolf Pack held Brawley to only a field goal the rest of the game. It was Brawley’s defense that shined, as they prevented West Hills from scoring until their last play of the game. West Hills reached the Wildcat 25-yard line on their first drive after the break. A turnover on downs resulted in no points but more importantly crucial time had ticked off the clock. Drive two was short with only two plays that saw Kevin Kastner get a vital interception and return it from the Brawley 35 yard to the Wolf Pack 45-yard line. Brawley was unable to capitalize on the turnover, but again more time was running off the clock.


Brawley’s last scoring drive began after a bad snap and turnover by West Hills. The drive began at the Brawley 46-yard line and reached the 14-yard line of the Wolf Pack. Eleven plays made a 31-yard field goal attempt possible. Omar Celis kicked his second field goal of the year to increase the score to 29-6 with 4:40 left in the game.


West Hills used the remainder of the time, minus 12 seconds, in the last drive of the game. It consisted of 19 plays that made the score 29-13.


This will be the Wildcat’s fifth appearance in the Semi Finals since it joined the San Diego CIF section. Two of those appearances have been with Coach Jon Self who has the Wildcats with a record of 10-1 for the 2014 season. They face a tough squad from Lakeside who are seeded #1, the El Capitan Vaqueros. The game will be on Friday the 28th at 7pm.


To the Wildcat’s coaching staff and players, congratulations on making the Semi Finals two out of the last three years. Let’s keep our thoughts and prayers on Austyn Gutierrez who suffered a leg injury in this game.

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  1. Who’s Ernestro?
    I appologize for having confidence in Holtville. The coaching staff are awesome, they did very well for all the players they lost due to graduation.
    Coach Smith and his staff got beat by a Private and cherry picked team. Great season Holtville, next year you will beat Central.
    Glad the Private schools arent in Div. II

    • Ernesto is your name in Spanish. SD CIF knew LJCD was gong to be to strong and would have a easy road to the title….. just like they knew if they put Imperial in DIII where they belonged they would end challenging Bishop’s for the title.

    • Young Cat’s came to play. Not sure why West came in cocky at all. Cat’s clearly the better team. El Cap is really good, a bit over rated maybe. Cat’s can keep it close if the secondary plays like they did tonite. Not sure if El Cap can run on Brawley and I’m sure Cat’s will be able to score at least 3 TD’s. Cagle Brother’s are good but can always have a bad night to a young studded team who have nothing to lose. And I told you so Ernestro Ramos, LJCD WAS THE BEST TEAM ALL YEAR LONG. The rating system is flawed. Vincent will be in for a long night.

      • Who’s Ernestro?
        I appologize for having confidence in Holtville. The coaching staff are awesome, they did very well for all the players lost due to graduation.
        MCoach Smith and his staff got best by a Private and cherry picked team.
        Glad the Private schools arent in Div. II

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