“What a Waste”


This is a new column entitled “A Men’s Message.”

 It will be for men, but women, feel free to join in. I am like Clint Eastwood, in the movie “Heartbreak Ridge”, where he reads women’s magazines to try to understand women.

 I do the same, but I read the Bible more, not to understand women, but to know how to be a better man.

 Our country is in a mess because of the many ways we have turned from God. I feel that most of the responsibility for this dilemma  is men. Most politicians are men. Leaders in industry and on Wall Street are mostly men. Men are to be the spiritual leaders of the family and they also fumble the ball there, and that is our most important role.

Why is it so significant? This “message” is about the “mess” and if you want to clean it up, you need to begin in your own house first, and leave a legacy of spiritual leadership for the wife and children.

I attended “Promise Keepers” (PK) in San Diego this past September with several men from our church. PK is a men’s ministry calling men to be better husbands, fathers, workers, church members, leaders and warriors for Christ. One of the several great speakers was Tony Evans, an outstanding evangelist from Texas and a past regular on KGBA, our Christian radio station. His message was if you want to change Washington D.C., change begins in your own dining room.

Were you upset about the recent election? Are you bothered by the paths to perdition where we are headed? Are you distressed by divorce or the continued legal attacks on traditional marriage? The list goes on and so do you. Change begins in the home. The PK conference was great, but the attendance of valley men was poor. I had looked forward to seeing many of my Christian brothers from other churches and there were oh so few!!

I grieved that loss of opportunity, but it prepared me for the election because I knew victory was not going to happen.

Do you want things to change? Don’t point the finger at Washington, Sacramento or city hall, if you haven’t done anything different in the last year. You want them to repent, but we can stay the same?

I believe your Christian walk is like being on an escalator that is going down. To move up you need to walk and work! If you stand still, you will find yourself going down. Do not think that going to church on Sundays is enough! One of our problems is the church is filled with the “frozen chosen!” We show up, but we often do little more but sit stoically. We listen, but little more.

If you don’t like the mess, then clean up your own yard. Are you praying with your wife and children on a daily basis? Just do that one thing in the coming year and it is the “six minutes” that can change your marriage, and the country.

According to James 5:16 “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” There it is. You will be more powerful and your conduct will affect the world around you.


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