Westmorland Battalion Chief Michael Ginnis honored for service

Battalion Chief Michael Ginnis awarded for his years of service at the Westmorland Fire Department.

WESTMORLAND – The Westmorland City Council Oct. 18 honored Battalion Chief Michael Ginnis for his long commitment and services to the Westmorland community with the Westmorland Volunteer Fire Department.

Ginnis was born and raised in Westmorland, and he got his start at the Westmorland Fire Department in 1998 and worked there until 2012 when he moved away for two years. He returned and has been at the fire department ever since.

“It’s my way of giving back to the community and helping our community during their worse days,” said Ginnis about his work.

Since returning, Ginnis worked to improve the city’s fire department by modernizing and upgrading needed equipment and the facility. Ginnis noted there have been other volunteers helping in past years plus the administration that also work with them, and he believes the award should belong to all of the volunteers who work to keep the Westmorland Fire Department running.

“We need to recognize all of our other volunteers because we do so much for our community,” said Ginnis, “We leave our families in the middle of the night doing parties, work hours and hours on calls, and we do it absolutely for free for our community.  It should be a joint deal for all of us.”

Westmorland Mayor Larry Ritchie stated he would like to work with Ginnis to facilitate recognition for the other members of the fire department.