This week in the Imperial Valley a local doctor writes a letter to the president, police investigate the homicide of a transgender woman, and Imperial County discusses the enforcement of masks. 

Dr. George Fareed is a front-line local doctor treating COVID-19 patients who claims to have figured out what works to keep his patients alive. He claims to have answers on better controlling, and curbing, a pandemic that knows no boundaries. Fareed has written letters to President Trump, Representative Juan Vargas, and the Presidential Task Force regarding his findings with the HCQ cocktail as a treatment for COVID-19. Dr. Fareed’s full letter can be found on our website or our facebook page. 

The Brawley Police Department is currently investigating the homicide of a 22-year-old homeless person found Monday, July 13. The transgender woman, named Nathan Cazares, was found near an abandoned single-family residence on the 1100 block of Main Street in Brawley around 8:30 a.m. when BPD and Brawley Fire Department responded to a report of a couch fire near the building. Though no motives have been officially declared by investigators, the family of Cazares believe it to be a hate crime due to the state the body was found in. Anyone with further information regarding the death is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Jesse Rotner.   

Supervisor Jesus Escobar addressed the Imperial County Public Health Department regarding the possibility of enforcing mask wearing and limited social gatherings through the issuance of fines. He asked if the County should consider finding a way to enforce the health orders given by the state and local health officer. Dr. Stephen Munday said the state health order requiring masks includes a reference to the code that does include a fine. He said it would be the decision of law enforcement of how to enforce the health order. Currently, there are working group meetings between the County, city managers, and city mayors. Law enforcement representatives will be invited to the table to discuss the issue.


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