Water District Leaders continue winning in latest vote update


IMPERIAL Irrigation Director Division 2    Completed Precincts: 135 of 135

 BRUCE KUHN                                                   16,350   57.92%

 JOHN PIERRE MENVIELLE                            11,881   42.08%


IMPERIAL Irrigation Director Division 4 Completed Precincts:       135 of 135

 STEVE BENSON                                                16,184 56.16%

 STELLA A. MENDOZA                                     12,635 43.84%


IMPERIAL Irrigation Director Div 5           Completed Precincts: 135 of 135

 NORMA SIERRA GALINDO                           7,060  25.33%

 WALLY LEIMGRUBER                                     6,464 23.19%

 POMPEVO TABAREZ                                      5,276  18.93%

 RODOLFO “RUDY. MALDONADO              4,438  15.92%

 JAMES WILLIAM HORN. JR.                         3,178  11.40%

EDIJARDO VALDEZ-OELMONTE                      1,460 5.24%


COACHELLA Water Dist Director Div 2 Completed Precincts: 8 of 8

 EDWIN “ED” PACK          287  37.57%

 MICHAEL FELl                    267  34.95%

SERGIO L NUNEZ              210  27.49%


  1. Meanwhile the Imperial valley Menveille and Mendoza Press (IVMMP) SuperPac continues to mouth “sour grapes” and hurl insults and blame Imperial Valley First and the dreaded FARMERS while completly ignoring the millions of dollars in debt the IID finds itself in, Stella’s “Friends and relatives” employment program, the millions of dollars paid to outside consultants, and the alleged violations of the Brown Act by Menvielle.

    Teh IVMMP SueprPac was supported by advertising revenue from the Menveille/Mendoaza IID. But who will support the IVMMP SuperPac now? While the IVMMP was busy currying favor from its star supporters, everyone else was going to alternative advertising sources and to social media outlets to get their message out.

    Billboards and direct mailers and volunteers took the place of the IVMMP. Delaney is updating his resume as we message, along with other IID employees involved in brown Act violations, and shoddy work habits.

    • Nobody is going anywhere with any resume until the heat gets flamable. What good is a resume going to do anyone marooned on this desert island with 29% unemployment? A demotion to the IID mailroom is more lucrative. “Shoddy work habits” we’ve got to get the cronyism out and the merit system in. It will be a long process to effectively change this country club culture and to deliver cost effective services but the path begins in the “at will” GM’s office and moves through HR for a house cleaning and enhanced and enforced HR policy and procedures. No previous movement toward business optimization and change has ever penetrated HR. IID HR is where lasting change, business renewal and optimization ultimately begin. Brace yourselves HR up until now you have gone unscathed- 44 staff to support an organization 1300 is 24 staff too many.

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