Waste and recycling service has community clean-up day for El Centro residents

El Centro residents came out to dispose of old appliances along with other waste materials during CR&R’s clean-up day Saturday.

EL CENTRO – In an effort to help clean up the community, the CR&R Waste and Recycling Service hosted a free clean-up event last Saturday so residents of El Centro could drop off various waste materials to the recycling center located on Main Street.

To participate in the free drop off, residents were required to show proof of residency by providing a water bill or driver’s license.

The main item most people brought in was tires, organizers said, due to the fact people are not allowed to dispose of tires in residential trash bins.

“Me and my sons had a big work day, because these clean-up events allows us to dispose of the waste material that we cannot rid of by throwing in our trash bins,” said Michael Espinoza of El Centro.

Other rubbish deposited included mattresses, couches, metal items, and other common waste items. The community clean-up event also allowed residents to do major landscaping jobs, since CR&R also accepted grass and tree clippings and branches, along with other green waste.

“When I do yard work, it is hard for me to fit everything in my one trash bin, and this event allowed me to do major landscaping like removing dying bushes and trees that were taking over my yard,” said resident Manual Sanchez.

Other categories accepted were large appliances like washer machines, dryers, water heaters, and refrigerators. Electronic waste items were also accepted, such as old computers, televisions, printers, fax machines, and microwaves.

This clean-up event lasted four hours, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Anyone missing the El Centro clean-up will have one more day this year on Saturday, October 7.

The recycling center will also host clean-up days for residents in Calipatria, Westmorland, Heber, and Holtville. They are scheduled for Calipatria on September 23; Heber on October 21; Westmorland on November 4, and the final clean-up day for the year is for Holtville on November 11.