VWE sponsors biggest pro-wrestling event in the Imperial Valley

Wrestler Nightmare Aztec pins Veinum against the ropes during the Venue Wrestling Entertainment event held Saturday at the Fun-4-All Amusement Park.

EL CENTRO – The Venue Wrestling Entertainment (VWE) Organization hosted the biggest pro wrestling event in the Valley at Fun-4-All Amusement Park Saturday that drew large crowds for the mayhem that was unleashed.

Despite the ruthless entertainment, the VWE hosted this event to not only bring recognition to the sport, but to raise money for the children of CASA. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Imperial County is an organization that advocates for abused and neglected children in order to help them live in safe and permanent homes.

To kick off the event, VWE wrestler Mostros Jungle teamed up with Veinum to compete in the tag team title match against the Nightmare Aztec and Toxic. Mostros faced off against Nightmare Aztec, while teammates stepped outside the ring waiting for their chance. Once the bell rang, Mostros grabbed Nightmare Aztec by the arm and threw him into the ropes, to only be knocked down by a clothesline move from Nightmare Aztec.

Once Mostros returned to his feet, he grabbed Nightmare Aztec for a suplex straight to the ground. With Nightmare Aztec hurt, all four opponents entered the ring for a final showdown. Mostros and Veinum held onto the lead and pinned their opponents, giving them the titles as the new VWE tag team champions.

In the triple treat match, three opponents faced off against one another vying to be the last man standing in the ring. Competitors consisted of Sinn Bodhi, Funny Bones, and Luchasuras. The match began with all three opponents locking hands, trying to force each other to the ground. First to take control was Luchasuras, who threw Funny Bones against the rope and outside the ring.

Luchasuras then looked to Sinn Bodhi as the two met in the center of the ring. Sinn Bodhi managed to knock down Luchasuras by throwing him against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. As the match leaned towards Sinn Bodhi winning, Funny Bones returned to the ring and dropped kicked both his competitors to the floor of the ring. Funny Bones finished by pinning Sin Bodhi and claimed the triple threat match win.

As the event moved on to the final match, Rey Mysterio and Lil Cholo faced off against Johnny Mundo and Rocky Romero. In the tag team match, Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo began by throwing each other around the ring, forcing Johnny to tag in in his teammate. Without warning, Rey Mysterio was brought down by Romero and forced to the floor of the ring.

With Rey Mysterio down, Lil Cholo entered the ring for the chance to defend his partner. To end the fight, Rey Mysterio re-entered the ring and preformed his famous 619 stunt to seal in the victory for the evening, as fans took to their feet to cheer on the excitement.