VWE holds title fight and a 20-person Battle Royal

Lil Cholo slammed Eli Everfly down to the canvas to get the win Friday night at the Venue Wrestling Entertainment title match at Ricochet Rec Center in Imperial.

IMPERIAL – Bringing live action sports to Imperial, the Venue Wrestling Entertainment (VWE) hosted Battle Royal and a title fight Friday that drew large crowds to Ricochet Rec event center.

Kicking off the event, the first match was between Nacho Libre and his adversary, Dirty Ron McDonald. The match began with a power struggle that took a quick change as McDonald bounced off ropes to clothesline his opponent. However, in his debut fight in the VWE world, Nacho regained his composure and challenged his opponent.

The event shifted gears after the opening match, getting the crowd ready for the Lightning Belt Championship. The championship match-up was between the crowd favorite, Lil Cholo and Eli Everfly.

As the fight started, the opponents locked hands as a power struggle took place. Cholo then followed up by throwing Everfly in the rounds, only to send him to the canvas with a powerful clothesline.

After Everfly jumped back to his feet, he threw Cholo out of the ring and into the crowd. Everfly proceeding by spearing Cholo, sending both wrestlers to the ground.

Right before the referee could disqualify both wrestlers, Cholo grabbed Everfly by the hair and forced him back into the ring. Cholo then finished off his move by flipping off the ropes and slamming full-force down on Everfly.

After a few failed attempts by Cholo to pin his opponent, he went for one final move that exhausted Everfly so Cholo could walk away with the Lightning Championship Belt.

“Ever since I started coming to VWE Wrestling Events, I felt like this was my second home and the fans are what makes this experience worth it,” said Lightning Belt Champion Lil Cholo.

Following the fight, Commissioner Jason Hisel informed Cholo that he will have to defend his newly-established title October 28 against Mariachi Loco and SoCal Crazy in the VWE’s first-ever steel cage match.

After closing out the title fight, VWE hosted its 20-men Battle Royal. The rules of the bout gave the championship to the last man standing, so each wrestler fought hard for his place at the top. But Exodus was the one that walked away with the VWE World Championship Belt.