Veterans Descend on Washington – Carry Barricades from Memorials to White House


WASHINGTON D.C. – Veterans descended upon Washington D.C. this morning to visit the open air WWII memorial and the Iwo Jima memorial. Thousands of individuals were on hand to support these veterans  visiting the memorial in spite of Park Rangers attempting to thwart visitors the day prior. Ordinary citizens picked up barricades around the WWII memorial and piled them in stacks on the grassy areas of the park.


In order to insure the veterans were able to attend the rally, bobtail truckers and 4 wheel vehicles participating in the Trucker Ride for the Constitution drove through Washington DC to the WWII memorial in support. Trucks appeared blowing their horns among the crowds of individuals cheering in support. Yesterday, Truckers Ride for the Constitution changed their hashtag to #T4VETS to run today in support of the veterans march to Washington DC today.

vets protest

Another part of the convoy, led by General Earnest Lee, drove around the beltway with approximately 10 miles deep of supporters, then they headed into DC along I-395. Lee’s convoy drove right into downtown DC going about 10 mph and literally shutdown the access into DC.

While Lee broke off to go to another choke point, other truckers stayed behind slowing to halt traffic in order to make sure veterans and supporters captured the heart of the DC in peaceful defiance of the Obama administration’s attempt to deny access to the open air war memorials.

The General reported several police cars had lined up in a barricade of the street but did allow single file traffic of the truckers to proceed through. As General Lee and other truckers complied with law enforcement, several officers saluted these road warriors in support of their efforts to return America to its Constitutional roots.


Will Gonzalez, along with hundreds of individuals from the WWII memorial, marched along the streets to the White House assisted by law enforcement. According to Will’s live report on Guerilla Media Network, the truckers’ horns could be heard as the truckers passed the White House. The group reached the gates of the front door of the White House and protests directed at the occupants of the White House could be heard on the live broadcast. Will Gonzalez yelled, at the behest of Pete Santilli, “Get the F*** Out Obama” then led the crowd in cheering over and over, “U-S-A, U-S-A.”


The main stream media reported on outbreaks of salmonella, Iranian nukes with Michael Bolton and Food Network items while the historic descent of patriotic Americans descended upon Washington and the White House.


More people continued to descend on the White House gates in protest of the Obama administration. According to the boots on the ground reporter, Will Gonzalez, several individuals tried to start a problem at the WWII memorial, but American patriots stood in front of these individuals shutting down their dissidence.

A caller from Georgia was making his way to the group protesting at the White House, but was unable to find his way. GMN assisted this individual to find his way through downtown so he could lend his voice to the momentous occasion. Police officials have also been calm and basically neutral without any riot gear whatsoever but were stationed around the White House.


Patriotic Americans also reclaimed the Lincoln Memorial as one woman urged all Americans, “to do something now.”