Valley Native and Thailand Missionary Couple Bring Updates on Their Efforts

FILE PHOTO 2013 – Ashley & Jonathan Hawk at their Annual Christmas Fundraiser at the Brawley Lions Center raising funds for their Thailand mission

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jonathan Hawk, the son of Holtville residents John and Susie Hawk, and his wife Ashley minister in Thailand, and have recently returned to the Imperial Valley to share the progress with their ministries, including Disciple Thailand and Hannah House.

Update from John Hawk

What a whirlwind tour!
 The month of November and early December has been just that with Jonathan and Ashley and little 9-month-old Nathan. They have shared over 21 times in home groups, churches, and on KGBA. What a joy for Susie and I to be part of their ministry. Their reception has been nothing less than overwhelming and encouraging.

Thank you for being warriors in assisting to reach a country like Thailand that is steeped in Buddhism and Animism, the spirit of the occult, and not really interested in knowing Christ personally.

Disciple Thailand has seen incredible change in just the last year. In the prison outreach, leaders are being encouraged to minister to their own people. Nine women and two men were baptized in the prison and five women in the church were baptized. The new focus on one-on-one discipleship has brought healing to past wounds and has helped the Hannah House girls to blossom into women that are reaching out to others. This is very uncommon in their culture.

One of the most exciting things that has happened is the Immanuel Home movement. When Susie and I were there in February, the church moved out of Hannah House across the street into the Immanuel Home where Philip lived. Friends and families filled the rooms and the church began to grow and the home that was patterned after Hannah House saw God’s blessing. Soon another house was rented and it was filled. Aside from a few growing pains, the Immanuel homes are a testament of the power of Jesus’ words in Matthew 28 to “make disciples of all nations.” Lord willing a third home will be started next year.

Update by Jonathan Hawk

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
 As this year comes to a close, I also would like to thank all who have opened your hearts and homes to let us come and share with you all. In being transparent, I will say that this year has been difficult in many ways. We had a very traumatic birth experience, with no family there at the time to help with Nathan, had a transition of losing Sangla and Supakit as they returned to his village, prayed and sought for replacements and then hired Philip and Pin to take their place.

Despite all these things, we are in a great place with our staff! Pin has been such an answer to prayer as an amazing servant and diligent worker. Philip too is passionate for Christ and desires to disciple and encourage the Thai’s. What a blessing both Philip and Pin are to us! There are no words to describe how thankful we are to have Zaida on our team. She has been such a steady and faithful friend not only to us personally but also to the ministry. She lays down her life daily for the women and men in the church and homes. Honestly when I think of a true missionary, I think of Zaida. I remember years ago when she lived in a refugee camp, I was so humbled to see how sacrificially she lived and served the kids. Lastly, I want to sincerely thank all those who have given both in time and prayer as well as financially to DTM. May the Lord be with you all this Christmas season!