Valley donors enjoy a French provencal evening with IV Food Bank


BRAWLEY– In an effort to help the less fortunate throughout the Imperial Valley, the IV Food Bank hosted its sixth annual Harvest Bowl, October 14, at the Sahara Packing Company. The fundraiser entertained attendees through a French Provençal theme.

Every year the Harvest Bowl committee challenges themselves to find unique locations to transform into a decorative hall which evokes the chosen theme.

“This year we decided to reach out to the Sahara Packing Company to change this packing shed into a decorative hall for our dinner, entertainment and casual conversation,” said El Centro Mayor pro-tem Cheryl Viegas-Walker.

Besides the festivities, this fundraiser works with the IV Food Bank to help raise resources for local families in the Valley. The wide distribution network the IV Food Bank has established with local establishments all work as one unit to distribute all the fresh food they can. Some of these organizations consist of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Calexico Family Apartments, First Christian Church, and Salvation Army and Soup Kitchen.

Not only are establishments involved, but the IV Food Bank has teamed up with local farmers to deliver fresh produce to families around the valley.

Currently, a total of 1,186,760 pounds of local fresh produce has been donated to the IV Food Bank, to help the distribute to the hungry.

“With the IV Food Bank networking with business in the Valley we are not only able to deliver fresh produce to families but we are able to show them how to buy and prepare healthy food on a budget,” said Executive Director Sara Griffen.

Despite the many throughout the year who donate resources or money to the IV Food Bank, the people attending the Harvest Bowl were contributing also. Each ticket was $100.00, the money provided 438 meals per ticket sold.

Even with the work that is being done by the IV Food Bank, they are still expanding and are in the process of moving to a new location, once their building goal is reached, Currently the IV Food Bank is 74% into their goal of $6,000,000. The donations and new building will keep the IV Food Bank operational and allow them to keep up with food safety regulations and demand in the community for generations to come.