Player Profile: Tyler Saikhon is High School Varsity Sports Mid-Season Phenom

“I love football. I love everything about it,” says Southwest Eagle Tyler Saikhon.

EL CENTRO — Southwest Eagles’ student-athlete Tyler Saikhon has displayed rare, on-field poise, exemplary sportsmanship, and stand out athletic ability thus far in the 2016-2017 High School Varsity sports calendar, which merits a deeper look into his player profile.

Still only a junior at 17 years of age, Saikhon’s passion for athletics is evident as he participates in all three sport seasons throughout the school year.

During the fall, his versatility and durability allowed him to play multiple football positions on both sides of the ball ranging from cornerback to quarterback, at times. 

In the winter, Tyler fine tunes his skill, balance, and explosiveness on the basketball court rotating from his natural forward position, to handling the ball as a guard, and even posting up at center in the paint.

The only individual sport Saikhon takes interest in is track and field during Spring, where he has an opportunity to showcase, pinpoint, and stretch his natural ability as he runs the 300 and 110 meter hurdles. 

“I like playing football. I love football, I love everything about it,” responded Saikhon about his favorite of the three sports.

On the gridiron, Saikhon was all over the stat sheet with impressive numbers. Saikhon scored 30 touchdowns this football season: 17 rushing, 10 receiving, 1 fumble return, and 2 interception returns. 

Saikhon also had 28 receptions for 863 total receiving yards and averaged 30.8 yards per reception.  On the ground, he rushed for 1,272 total yards averaging 71.9 yards per game and 6.9 yards per carry.  And on defense, he totaled 31 tackles on the season and averaged 3.7 tackles per game.

“The moment that stood out during this season is when we played University City,” he said. “The way we just came out and took them on,” he commented about his favorite moment of football season.

Even though the ball just began to roll in basketball season, Saikhon has already netted 92 rebounds and 31 assists.  He is a 63 percent free throw shooter, 42 percent from the field, and averages 9.8 points per game on 157 total points thus far.

“I have really good teammates. I get frustrated a lot during sports and they always have my back. If I make a mistake they just encourage me to get back in it. Especially in basketball where they tell me to have a short memory, because you can move on a make-it-right on the next possession,” Saikhon said, addressing his value and appreciation of his teammates.

 “I want to go to college to run track or play football and to study agriculture.  Right now my favorite subject is history, but I don’t think I’ll pursue history in college. I’ll probably study agriculture like my dad did and possibly start farming here in the Valley. I would like to go all the way for my masters,” explained Saikhon in regards to his future plans and academic goals.

“Since I want to stay close to home, my ideal sport and ideal university would be football or track at San Diego State,” he said.