Turkey Day Tradition


thanksgiving-turkey-dinnerIt’s that time again. It is time for a longstanding tradition to return, something that is looked forward to throughout the year, and enjoyed by the young and old alike.

No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, which is literally days away. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about that. And no, I’m not referring to Black Friday either.

That would be equally as hard to miss as Thanksgiving. What I’m talking about is the annual Thanksgiving week column! You know, the one where I list the things I’m thankful for – yeah right, that one. So, no need to waste any more time. Let’s jump right in. Here they are, the top six things (mostly sports related) I am thankful for this year.


6. Baseball’s hot stove league. I, obviously, enjoyed a great fall, baseball wise. My favorite team won the World Series. It doesn’t get any better than that. However, once baseball ended, things got a little tough.

After watching baseball for seven months and being at the highest of highs, it was hard to just quit cold turkey. This is where the ‘hot stove’ league comes in and this year it baseballhas not disappointed.

We’ve had one blockbuster trade so far (the Prince Fielder – Ian Kinsler swap) and some pretty good smaller ones (like David Freese to the Angels) as well as some minor free agents changing teams. Still plenty of action ahead and I am looking forward to it.


5. Stuffing. If you’ve been reading the list for a while you know this is my favorite of Thanksgiving day foods and it always deserves a spot.


houston texans4. College football. Honestly, I came into this fall without much desire to watch the college version of the game. I figured I had my NFL team (the Houston Texans) and they were going to roll to the playoffs and, hopefully, beyond and then something awful happened.

My team started losing. And losing. And losing. Until I more or less gave up on them. Well, I still watch, but it’s pretty painful. However, as the losing continued I found something strange happening. My waning interest in college football started to increase as I embraced the chance to just watch a football game for fun and not suffer through it as a fan of a bad team.

So, this past weekend I found myself watching not just one game on Saturday but parts of two and, honestly, it felt quite nice.


3. The fact I’m not the coach of the Texans or Atlanta Falcons. It’s hard enough to be a fan of a team picked to make the playoffs prior to the start of the season that ends up winning just two or three games.

It must be even worse to be the head coach. Every time I see Gary Kubiak or Mike Smith I think it might be for the last time. Ultimately the coach pays the price for a teamnfl failing to live up to expectations and in the NFL I think that’s the way it should be. Especially when the coach is given a team full of talented players to work with.


  1. Hockey. Getting back to the sports related pain I feel on Sundays and all my attempts to get away from it, I give you the one sports team I can root for this winter and enjoy myself in the process – the Boston Bruins.

It’s actually kind of weird for me to put hockey this high, but it’s a lot more fun for me to watch the Bruins play hockey right now than it is to watch the Texans lose game after game.

There is still plenty of time left before the NHL even gets to the playoffs and things could certainly go horribly wrong between now and then, but, for the time being I’m enjoying the fastest game on ice.


1. My daughter Ellie Grant. Bear with me for a minute as I dive headfirst into the world of sentimentality. Kind of like stuffing, if you’ve been reading this column for a while, then you know Ellie is going to appear in this spot because, honestly, what parent would make a list of things they were thankful for and not put their kid first?

thankful34A bad one, I suppose. No, Ellie doesn’t have much to do with sports – she is a budding gymnast however and did watch about five minutes of the Bruins’ game with me the other evening – but she’s my kid and this is my list, so she gets to be number one. After all, Thanksgiving is about family and spending time with them and I plan to spend as much time as I can with Ellie this Thursday.

I certainly hope you get the chance to spend all the time you can with your loved ones as well and that you all have a very happy Thanksgiving.