TMDL Drainshed Meetings



Farm Bureau

EL CENTRO – The Imperial County Farm Bureau Voluntary TMDL Compliance Program will be hosting mandatory Drainshed Meetings Tuesday, May 21st, Wednesday, May 22nd and Thursday, May 23rd, with a second round of meetings scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th.


Remember that, in order to maintain your participation in this compliance program, it is required that you attend one of these meetings.


Don’t Forget: You must update your Farm Plan before September 1st on the Imperial Valley TMDL website (www . ivtmdl . com).


If you need help updating your Farm Plan, please call to schedule an appointment  as soon as possible (plan to make an appointment at least one month prior to the deadline).


Times and dates for the meetings are listed below. If you are unable to attend any of these meetings, please call as soon as possible to schedule a one-on-one drainshed meeting.


If you fail to attend a mandatory meeting, a fee of $100 will be charged for one-on-one drainshed meetings.


Remember, attending one of these meetings is mandatory in order to maintain your participation in this compliance program.



Wednesday, May 22nd

Stockmen’s Club
10am  or   3pm

275 Marjorie Drive, Brawley


Thursday, May 23rd

Holtville City Hall

121 W Fifth Street, Holtville


El Centro

Tuesday, May 21st

Farm Bureau Board Room
10am   or   2pm

1000 Broadway, El Centro

Wednesday, June 19th
10am   or   2pm