BRAWLEY — Reported party advised of an alleged vehicle hit and run January 30. Party advised vehicle hit fence and left then hit pole at Dogwood Rd. and Mead Rd. As per reported party, driver walked out of the vehicle and appeared to be drinking. Subject was last seen walking towards canal. No further information was reported.

HOLTVILLE — An alleged vehicle was reported in canal January 25, near Highway 115 and Harris Rd. Reports stated vehicle was upside down under water with one female subject inside. No information was reported on cause of rollover. Air ship was required.

WINTERHAVEN — Police records inform of a spotted transient allegedly with a long knife on the side of his waist January 30, at the east side of an RV Park under the I-8 bridge. Reported party advised subject had facial har and was last seen wearing a dark colored baseball hat and all dark clothing carrying a plastic mug. No further information was reported.

WINTERHAVEN — Reported party requested a report on a male subject who allegedly touched his daughter inappropriately and possibly attempted to kidnap her January 30, while she was waiting for the school bus in the morning. No description was provided. Party advised adult male subject was on foot.

WINTERHAVEN — A fraud was reported January 30, where reported party advised he hired subject to do painting on motor home, however, was not done and left. Party advised he paid subject $2,000 and does not know name or phone of subject. Subject was known to drive an old model pickup truck.

EL CENTRO — A male subject was allegedly hitting mailbox January 29. Reported party advised subject had mail with him and does not reside at location. No weapons were seen. Party stated subject possibly has screwdriver with him. Party also advised subject was allegedly opening another mailbox. There were no signs of burglary or damaged mailbox. It was advised subject had arrived in a white Ford Focus.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised a Hispanic male subject allegedly stole yogurt, cream, and other items from unnamed business January 29. The estimated cost of stolen items was priced at $25. Party advised subject was last seen wearing gray or black ball cap, gray jacket, and khaki pants and was missing a front tooth. Party advised charges will be pressed.

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