BRAWLEY — Police records inform of two females in a white Honda allegedly taking pictures and luring juveniles into their vehicle at Oakley School November 19. Reported party advised she received information from parents and provided no further information. Party informed vehicle was possibly seen in the area in the morning.

OCOTILLO — Reported party advised of an male subject in a tall Sedan allegedly committing a lewd act November 19 near Highway 80 and West Texas. There was an unknown description of subject. Party became very upset and was unable to answer any further questions.

HOLTVILLE — The Department of Public Works announced Norrish Rd. will be closed from Highway 115 to Gowling Rd. from December 2, 2019 – December 24, 2019. The reported roads will have 24-hour, 23-day closure.

EL CENTRO — Police records inform of a female subject in a restroom allegedly appearing disoriented. Reported party advised female subject allegedly tried to take items from store but dropped them when confronted by staff. Subject was last seen wearing a sweater tied around her waist with no bottoms and blue converse. It was reported subject was last seen running northbound from location.

A vehicle was reported stolen November 18. Reported owner advised gray 2015 Dodge Charger with front tinted windows was allegedly taken from location between November 15 to November 18. There is no information on suspects.

Police records inform of a male subject who allegedly threw a rock and broke the front window of Wake & Shake business November 19. Subject was last seen wearing a red flannel shirt and gray shorts. Subject was gone upon police arrival.

Reported party advised of a Hispanic male with a clown tattoo on his face allegedly hiding near party’s vehicle November 19. According to party, subject appeared suspicious since he was crouched between her vehicle and property. There is no further information regarding incident.

NILAND — According to police records, a male subject last seen wearing a white shirt allegedly pulled out a knife, threatened someone, and kicked someone’s canine at Slab City November 20. Reported party had no further information and required extra patrol around the area.

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