HOLTVILLE — Police records informed of a Hispanic male adult said to have been trespassing at an undisclosed residence October 28. It was reported the subject in question knocked on the reporting party’s door and allegedly started urinating when she opened it. It was alleged the subject has made frequent visits to residence, demanding to see his grandma, although party advised they are not related. The alleged suspect was described as a Hispanic male subject wearing a red hat, dark shirt, and khaki pants.

BRAWLEY — A reporting party advised of an alleged of a male subject described as being shirtless and allegedly asking for water October 27. When the reporting party’s father went to offer the subject water, the subject in question allegedly pulled out a bat and tried to hit the reporting party’s father who reportedly had to run into the fields. No further information was available regarding incident.

EL CENTRO — Police records informed of a white male adult, roughly 27 years old, inside a business alleged to have blood on his face and hands October 26. It was advised the subject had been inside the business for 10 minutes allegedly appearing to have a bullet on his face. The reporting party asked the subject if he needed medical attention, however, the subject did not respond and did not state what happened to him. The subject in question walked away and headed toward Party City fitting rooms and was reportedly seen in the restrooms. The subject was allegedly bleeding from his nose, and no gunshot wound was reported, however, there was a small plastic bag said to have contained meth located on scene.

EL CENTRO - Police records inform of a reported Hispanic male adult last seen wearing a black-with-red shirt and blue pants who was allegedly trying to get funds from a stolen account October 25. It was reported the subject arrived in a white Crown vehicle with a female. The reporting party advised the alleged male subject attempted to withdraw money from an account but was unable to due to not providing identification.

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