BRAWLEY — An alleged stabbing was reported January 10, where victim stated incident happened between N 2nd St. and A St. Victim stated he was drinking a beer and walking when some people ran and jumped him. No description on alleged suspects were given.

BRAWLEY — Reported party advised of a Hispanic male adult following party on foot in the area of Hinojosa Park January 8. Subject had gray hair and was last seen wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. As per reported party, no contact was desired, but area check was requested due to other parties being in the area.

BRAWLEY — Reported party advised of an alleged theft of package on residency January 7. Subject was reported as a Hispanic female adult with curly hair, wearing sunglasses, tan sweater, black top, and tan colored long skirt.

BRAWLEY — An alleged theft was reported at Wal-Mart January 7, where a Hispanic male adult allegedly took a “Gamo Swarm Max” pellet rifle valued at $198. Subject was last seen wearing navy blue overalls in a white truck heading northbound on Highway 86.

SALTON CITY — Reported party advised of a Hispanic male adult allegedly having a loaded shotgun at Aaron’s rent center January 10. Party stated they went to location to speak to owner and subject cocked the gun, pointed at party and associate, and stated if they didn’t step off his property, he would shoot them. Subject was last seen wearing a white shirt and unknown bottoms. No reports were given on cause of alleged threat.

HOLTVILLE — A female subject was reported at 7-Eleven allegedly heating up food and refusing to pay for it January 10. Reported party advised subject was refusing to leave and it was unknown if she was under the influence. Subject was a white female last seen wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised she was allegedly receiving threatening text messages January 9, stating subject was going to kill her. Party was concerned due to subject stating he had her information. Party advised incident originated when she made a transaction on the LetGo app for her furniture. Party was sent money in check form which she cashed and later lost at Wal-Mart. Party advised unknown phone number is threatening her life, claiming she lied about losing the money. Report was taken on alleged incident.

EL CENTRO — A white male Labrador mix was taken to pound January 9, after reported party found canine on her way to work. Canine was found near S. Wilson Ave at approximately 2 p.m.

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