BRAWLEY — According to police records, a victim was allegedly chased by two male subjects suspected to be carrying bricks in their hands June 27. The alleged victim was reportedly chased from Ciudad Plaza to the Donut Shop. One of the alleged suspects was described as a Hispanic male adult wearing a blue plaid shirt with piercings on his face. The other alleged subject was described as a tall Hispanic male adult last seen wearing a hat and black shirt. The reported assailants were possibly with a female subject in a green Nissan Sedan. 

EL CENTRO  According to police records, an Hispanic female adult possibly in her 60’s in a wheelchair was allegedly grabbing rocks and throwing them at vehicles Sunday, June 23, as they passed. Officers advised the alleged subject to not throw rocks onto the street.

SEELEY  On Saturday, June 22, it was reported that two blue-nose pit bulls allegedly attacked a canine. It was reported that the victim was coming home from walking his dogs and the pit bulls allegedly came out of nowhere. The initial caller was a good Samaritan who saw the attack but was not involved.

EL CENTRO  On June 23, a male subject allegedly broke into an undisclosed location at approximately 10:13 a.m. The assailant was alleged to have been inside of the property at the time of phone call and jumped the gate. No weapons were documented, although the subject was reported to have left the location and walked by Willie’s Donuts. The subject was described as a white male adult last seen wearing a blue shirt and black hat. 

IMPERIAL —  According to police records, a television was allegedly taken from an undisclosed lobby on June 22 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The television in question was reportedly described as a 43" Samsung with an estimated value of $600.

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