OCOTILLO — Reported party advised January 6, he was assaulted on New Year’s Eve at the Lazy Lizard Saloon. Party stated alleged subject collided party and his wife’s head together and has occurred multiple times in the past and is scared assault will escalate. No further information was reported.

NILAND — Reported party advised a subject stole his belongings while he was in jail January 6. Party reported camp site was burglarized while incarcerated and was told by a neighbor. Party advised alleged subject drives a silver Impala with New York license plates.

BOMBAY BEACH — According to police records, a reported party advised of a dead cow found on the side of the road on Highway 111 southbound of county line. No reports were given regarding cause of death.

EL CENTRO — A Hispanic male subject was reported allegedly walking around, looking into doors and trying to open them near Forrester Rd. and Evan Hewes January 6. The subject was last seen wearing a bright neon yellow shirt and black pants heading to Old Eucalyptus.

EL CENTRO — A reported party advised of a black male adult in a blue Cadillac who allegedly told her to “watch her back” January 6, at the AMPM parking lot. Party advised subject had been violent in the past and left driving northbound on 4th street. No further information was given.

EL CENTRO — Police records inform a Hispanic male adult allegedly took two shampoo bottles and miscellaneous toiletries January 4. No information was given on location. Subject left southbound on a bike towards Adams carrying a “Children’s Place” bag. Subject in allegation was last seen wearing a yellow jacket and blue jean shorts. Reported party advised stolen shampoo bottles were priced at $18 and the two stolen glue sticks were priced at $10.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised of a Hispanic male adult allegedly causing a disturbance with customers. It was reported subject had a shopping cart and spat at a customer. No weapons were seen. However, subject had a walking stick and allegedly stole property from location. Party stated he wanted subject advised of alleged trespassing. Subject was last seen wearing a brown jacket and basketball shorts.

EL CENTRO — A subject was reported allegedly taking two bottles of Vodka January 4, at unnamed business. Reported party advised subject was last seen wearing a San Diego State University cap, a black jacket, checkered shorts, and white, black, and red high-top tennis shoes at Jack in the Box and walked with a cane. Party advised subject was gone as police arrived at scene.

SALTON CITY — Reported party advised she believes neighbor ran over her canine January 5. Reports stated party seemed irritated and allegedly threatened to do something about situation if police did not send units. Party advised if deputy does not get to location soon, that she would go to the neighbor’s residence and “beat her up.”

SALTON CITY — Reported party advised neighbor caused a disturbance January 5, after her dog got ran over. Reported party stated neighbor claimed reported party’s canine bit her canine. She was allegedly making threats to return to party’s residence with another neighbor. No further information was reported.

GLAMIS — A dirt bike accident was reported January 5, at San Drags. Reported party stated driver was down by Gecko Rd. and rider was not moving. No further information was reported.

HOLTVILE — A male subject was reported allegedly setting off fires January 4, near 3rd St. and Grape Ave. Reported party advised fire department was not needed due to three fires being very small. Party was unable to provide description of what was being set on fire or cause of alleged arson.

HOLTVILE — Reported party advised of a male subject allegedly carrying a white bag, attempting burglary on Orange and 8th St. January 4. Reported party approached subject who was allegedly pretending to be doing push ups. Subject was no longer in the area upon police arrival. However, was last heading northbound on Orange St. Alleged subject was last seen wearing a gray jacket and dark jeans.

HEBER — Reported party advised he found a minor alone on the side of road near W. Pheasant St. January 5. Party advised minor subject was allegedly passed out and it was unknown if child was breathing. Fire department was advised of incident.

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