SEELEY — Police records inform of a Hispanic male adult allegedly looking around subjects’ units at Sunbeam Lake Rd. January 20. Subject exited through the east gate and was last seen behind storage units behind RV Park. Subject was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and black pants. No weapons were seen although reported party required patrol check of the area.

HOLTVILLE — A theft of a gray Yamaha dirt bike was reported January 19, near E. Thiesen Rd. There is no suspect information.

NILAND — Reported party advised a white male adult subject allegedly making death threats to party and other subjects in the area of Slab City January 19. Party advised subject is known to carry a machete and was seen with a large piece of metal in hand. No further information was reported.

NILAND — Reported party stated he was punched in the head January 22, by the canal at the slabs. Subject in allegation was described as a Hispanic male adult. No report was given on subject’s reason for alleged attack.

HIGHWAY 111 CHECKPOINT — A vehicle was detained with 79 grams of methamphetamine January 22. Reports stated male subject was not willing to sign report. Border patrol agencies were required to contact the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program. No further information was reported.

SALTON CITY — Reported party advised of subjects who allegedly broke into Landfield Property at Burrtec Waste Industries and stole several tools from a container January 21. Incident was said to occur between January 18 and January 20. No description was given on suspects or cost of stolen property.

SALTON CITY — American Medical Response was reported to Arco gas station after subject allegedly hit face on concrete from being intoxicated January 20. No report was given on state of subject or parties around area.

EL CENTRO — Police records inform a Hispanic male adult subject allegedly took a can of beer at Smart & Final January 20. Party advised it has been an ongoing issue with same subject and advised subject be reported of trespassing. Subject was last seen wearing a blue checkered shirt and gray shorts.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised of a Husky mix canine allegedly found on 4th and Adams January 21. Canine was taken to pound and later taken to the San Diego Humane Society.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised a stray canine was detained inside her business January 21. Canine was described as a brown and white Boxer. It was reported canine was taken to San Diego Humane Society.

EL CENTRO — Police records inform of an identity theft January 21. According to reported party, someone allegedly used her identity, stole her bank card from her mail, deposited two checks of $950-$1500 into her bank account, and withdrew funds. Party advised alleged suspect also used debit card at numerous locations in El Centro.

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