BRAWLEY — An alleged vandalism was reported January 1, at Heritage Farms where a vehicle allegedly drove into the field and smashed 30-35 irrigation pipes. The vehicle was described as a gray Ford 250 with a crew cab. No cost of damage to pipes was reported.

BRAWLEY — Reported party advised a Hispanic male subject allegedly stole an 18-pack of Bud Light at Prime Fuel January 2. Subject was last seen wearing all black and advised his boss was following subject in a gold Toyota Highlander southbound on old Highway 111. No further information was given.

BRAWLEY — A white male subject was reported allegedly looking into vehicles and trying to open doors January 2 near S. Eastern Ave. Subject was last seen wearing all black and running south on 16th street and K street.

WINTERHAVEN — Reported party advised a male subject allegedly chasing her in a Silver Ford with a camp shell on Sunshine Ave and Stone January 2. Party advised they were squatters and believed subject had weapons because there was a dead dog near location. No further information was reported.

EL CENTRO — A homicide was reported January 2, near Highway 86 where a body was found with an electrical cord, faced down, and was unresponsive. Coroners appeared at the case. No information was given on body description or cause of alleged homicide.

EL CENTRO — Reported party stated a black male adult allegedly walking and dancing in the middle of the street January 2, last seen northbound on 7th street and was possibly under the influence. Subject was advised to leave the alley area and complied. Subject was last seen wearing a blue hoodie and black pants with white shoes.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, a white or Hispanic male subject allegedly stole miscellaneous items from a 99 cents store January 2. Stolen items included cutlery items, small containers, and a pack of chocolate cookies. All items were priced at $1. Subject was last seen wearing a white shirt, blue sweater, and black pants with a red backpack.

EL CENTRO — A fraud was reported January 2, where an employee from an unnamed business allegedly received a phone call from a subject believed to be the owner who tricked her into purchasing $900 worth of money grams to send to Mexico. A reported party advised he learned of the incident and stopped employee before the money could be sent to Mexico. A full refund was received for the cards. No information was given on alleged caller.

EL CENTRO — A reported party advised of his two-year-old white Boxer canine allegedly taken from his shop January 2. It was advised canine was possible taken from the east side of the property since fence was partially lifted. Party stated he had cameras and would recall once he had surveillance video.

OCOTILLO — Academy Rentals & Tour reported a theft January 1, where subject allegedly stole a 2019 Nightowl 4k Hybrid Camera priced at $500, a black iPad for a Polaris priced at $500, and 88 gallons of fuel priced at $350. Reported party advised possible suspect is an ex-employee and required a report to be taken on alleged theft.

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