WINTERHAVEN — Reported party advised about an alleged vehicle that appeared to have gone off a cliff near Picacho State Park December 27. The reported vehicle was described as a 2007 Red Dodge truck with Idaho plates. No reports were given on any drivers on scene or cause of incident.

EL CENTRO — Police records inform of a Hispanic male adult with a mustache allegedly walking in the middle of the road with two knives in his hands December 29. Per reported party, subject had not been threatening anyone with knives and can only hear subject yelling to himself. An additional caller advised subject was on Imperial Ave. and Main St. taking his clothes off and was walking northbound in the center median. Reported party also advised subject allegedly made threats to kill. No further information was given.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, a Hispanic male adult allegedly took a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses at business location December 30. Reported party advised they were willing to press charges and subject left on a black Cruiser bike with green line on the wheels. The cost for stolen sunglasses was priced at $168. Alleged subject was last seen wearing a long sleeve flannel and blue jeans.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised a Hispanic male adult allegedly took a gray and green mountain bike from store December 28. As per reported party, he attempted to stop the subject, however, subject allegedly made threats to kill party. No weapons were seen. Subject was last seen wearing a brown hat, gray jacket, and brown pants. The cost for stolen mountain bike was priced at $140.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised of a female neighbor allegedly defecating in a bucket and throwing it into reported party’s backyard over the fence December 30. Reported party was advised of his options, however, no information was given on alleged subject or cause of incident.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, reported party advised of a male driver in a black baseball cap allegedly following her to her place of employment December 30. Reported party advised subject was in a 2008 gold Buick Sedan with an unknown headlight out and vehicle had been circling the plot. Subject was described as an unknown white male adult. Party was advised to call if vehicle was seen again.

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