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EL CENTRO — According to police records, an alleged burglary occurred July 20 at the El Centro Public Library. Reported damages included a smashed front glass door and computer monitor taken from the property. No information on the model or value was reported.

EL CENTRO Per police logs, alleged malicious mischief at Imagine School occurred on July 21 where the east side service door’s glass windowpane was reportedly smashed with a concrete brick. There is no information on the value of the damaged property or of any alleged subjects.

EL CENTRO A Hispanic male subject about 30 years of age was reportedly taking ice cream sandwiches at Dollar General July 22. It was reported the subject had been allegedly taking ice cream for the past two days and was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and jean shorts.

SEELEY — An animal problem was reported July 23 where a large canine described as a pit bull was walking around and allegedly attacked a party’s small dog as well as their granddaughter. No additional information was given on canine.

SALTON CITY — An alleged fraud attempt was reported July 23 where a party stated she had received a check from a supposed Monster Energy Drink representative for $2,250 and was told to cash it and send $1,600 to another alleged representative. According to the reporting party, the check had a military-related name on it. Chase Bank, however, advised complainant it was a fraud. 

BRAWLEY — A vandalism was reported July 25 where the reporting party advised of someone allegedly throwing an egg at a vehicle which broke a screen on a radio. No information was given on alleged subject’s description.

BRAWLEY According to police records, a Hispanic male subject, last seen wearing a green shirt, black jeans, and cap, was said to have been walking with a limp at Rite Aid July 23, and allegedly took a car stereo from a vehicle described as a red Nissan truck.

BRAWLEY A reporting party complained of an apparent traffic hazard where a dark gray vehicle was allegedly speeding in an undisclosed area on July 23. When the subject in question was asked to slow down, the reported suspects allegedly stated they were going to come back and harm the reporting party.

BRAWLEY A canine was reportedly hit by a vehicle July 22, where the reporting party stated the canine in question had minor injuries. It was advised the reporting party would keep the canine for the night and contact animal control in the morning. No information was given on the alleged vehicle or driver.

BRAWLEY According to police records, a reporting party had allegedly been receiving extortion messages on his cellphone July 21. The first wave of reported messages was text pictures of people that were allegedly coming to kill him. The reporting party erased pictures and later received another phone call by the alleged suspect/s asking for money. The calls were reportedly coming from an international number.

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