HOLTVILLE – Reported party advised of finding alleged drug paraphernalia March 3, on the east side of Park Manor Hotel room. Bag found was described as a blue plastic, see-through pencil box containing used items. No further information was reported.

HOLTVILLE – A traffic accident was reported March 2, where a white Chevy was allegedly found off the road near Highway 98 and Holdridge. Reports stated American Medical Response was required for alleged baby inside vehicle.

SALTON CITY – According to reported party, a brown and white Pit bull was allegedly barking aggressively at party March 5, near Beach Club Dr. Party advised he was on top of his brown Ram truck in the alley and was unable to get down.

SALTON CITY – Reported party advised of an alleged explosive that went off in the area March 4, near Bell Court. Party advised there is an alleged subject who is a marine and makes explosives. No further information was reported on cause of explosion or subject information.

WINTERHAVEN – A 911 caller reported a palm and possible vehicle were allegedly on fire March 4. No report was given on cause for fire or alleged suspects.

YUMA – A gold 2005 Toyota Tacoma was reported stolen March 4, near Palo Verde Lane. Car was described with black rims and a windshield allegedly stolen from Nuestra Casa apartments. Party stated car was stolen February 25, at approximately 11 p.m.

EL CENTRO –  Reported party advised he witnessed an older model gray Ford Explorer allegedly hit the front doors of unnamed building and left location March 5. It was reported building was hit was across parking lot of Cardenas Market. It was unknown if anyone was inside building. However, doors were damaged. There was no information on suspect description or number of occupants in vehicle.

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