EL CENTRO — Police were informed of a Hispanic male subject allegedly taking registration stickers off vehicles August 21. It was reported the subject in question was last seen wearing a ball cap, a long-sleeved dark shirt and jeans. Per the reports, no weapons were visible, and the alleged suspect was last seen near a Honda CRV.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, four to five apparent homeless subjects reportedly set up camp and were allegedly harassing pedestrians, vehicles driving by, and employees said to have been using the dumpster at an undisclosed business  August 21. The reporting party was unable to provide descriptions allegedly due to subjects hiding behind dumpster. It was also alleged that loaded syringes and bottom portions of soda cans were seized.

EL CENTRO — Per Sheriff’s logs, a homeless Hispanic female adult, described to have red hair and was reportedly last seen wearing a black tank top and blue jeans, allegedly assaulted party and bit a victim’s left arm August 21. The subject in question allegedly walked away and was reportedly seen two blocks away near Union Bank.

BRAWLEY — Police were informed of an alleged burglary occurring August 22 where the reported suspects were said to be attempting to break into a warehouse on 252 A St. No further information was given.

BRAWLEY —– According to police records, a suspect was allegedly refusing to leave Clinicas De Salud and swinging a cane toward a guard August 20. The subject in question was described as a white male adult approximately 70 years of age and reportedly last seen wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts. It was reported the alleged subject’s motorhome was parked on the east side of parking lot.

BRAWLEY — An reported vandalism occurred August 19 when an male subject was allegedly tagging ‘666’ in fluorescent green letters behind the Teen Center. It was reported the alleged subject was last seen wearing a white shirt and running with a skateboard toward N. 2nd St.

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