CALEXICO – Police records inform of loose sheep on the road March 14, near Lyons and George Rd. Records informed sheep were allegedly running back and forth on the road and being followed by other sheep on the inside of fence. Reported party advised they were concerned sheep will knock down fence. Owner was contacted upon incident.

BLYTHE – It was reported March 14, of an alleged 2017 Chevy Cruze taken from N. Solano Ave. between 11 p.m. March 12, and 8 a.m. March 13. Vehicle was described as having tinted windows and half a tank of gas. No further information was reported.

WINTERHAVEN – Yuma Police Department advised of a male allegedly on the California north side of the bridge where fire department and American Medical Response was reported on scene March 14. No information was given on possible fatality or cause of accident.

EL CENTRO – A Hispanic male adult was reported in dining area of unnamed business allegedly performing indecent exposure March 15. According to reported party, subject was exposing his private area. Subject was last seen wearing a black hat with gray shirt and black pants. No weapons were seen. Manager was willing to prosecute.

EL CENTRO – A reported party advised of a Hispanic male adult and female adult subject in a black Camaro allegedly parked in front of location March 15. Party advised subjects appeared to be under influence and stated male subject allegedly threw a beer can out of the window. Reports also stated manager from Dollar Tree stepped out to asked subjects to move and male subject was verbally aggressive with the manager. Vehicle was gone upon police arrival.

EL CENTRO – Reported party advised while he was out fishing, he found a female’s bra and what he believed to be a human bone March 17, near Villa Ave. A deputy was requested to scene. No further information was given on bone identification or alleged suspects.

HOLTVILLE – Reported party advised of being followed by a newer model gray possible Nissan truck near Fern Ave. March 19. According to police records, party last saw vehicle on 6th Street toward Vessey & Co. Party stated vehicle was driving erratically, signaling with low to high beams and was following party through town.

CALEXICO – Police records inform of 9.6 grams of medical marijuana being detained at the Calexico Border Patrol station March 18. According to police records, subject allegedly had no paperwork and was detained by border patrol for alleged smuggling. Records informed backpack was located in the trunk of vehicle where substance was found, which alleged subject admitted to border patrol it was his.

CALEXICO – According to police records, a 28-year-old male subject was allegedly found leaning on table near C.N Perry Ave. March 16. Reports informed subject was cold to touch and purple. Coroners were reported to scene. No further information was given.

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