EL CENTRO — According to police records, a subject in a green F-150 with a white fender allegedly tried to hit manager at USPS office February 15, during a verbal altercation after trying to cash fictitious money. Subject was described as a female driver last seen wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants. Subject also had a black backpack and it was unknown if there were weapons. Subjects were last seen heading northbound on Imperial Ave.

EL CENTRO — A white male adult allegedly took Nike shoes and other items, including two backpacks February 15, at unnamed business. It was reported subject left on a light blue mountain bike and went northbound through the parking lot. Stolen items were priced at $40 for backpacks and $65 for Nike shoes.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised a white male adult with red hair wearing a navy-blue shirt and jeans allegedly went to residence and was being pushy, trying to get in the house February 15, trying to sell an alarm system. According to reported party, subject was trying to force a sale of his alarm company. Subject in question appeared suspicious. Subject was seen driving a burgundy Cadillac Escalade with no license plate in front of vehicle.

IMPERIAL — According to public works, Larsen Rd. will be closed from La Brucherie to Austin Rd. from February 18 to March 13 for bridge repairs.

IMPERIAL — Police records inform reported party allegedly confronted two suspects in an alleged burglary and chased them out of garage February 20. Party stated a subject in vehicle allegedly fired a gun at him. No injury to party was reported. Vehicle was described as a four-door Sedan heading eastbound on Huston Rd. No further information was reported regarding incident.

NILAND — An alleged disturbance was reported February 19, at Buckshot Deli & Diner restaurant where an Asian male was allegedly throwing items and being aggressive. No weapons were reported on scene although subject was refusing to leave. Subject was last seen wearing a black sweater and blue jeans.

OCOTILLO WELLS — Reported party advised of alleged illegal suspects February 19, hiding from Border Patrol south of Highway 78. Subjects were seen in a dark colored Chevy Blazer whispering and trying to keep quiet. Party advised he was camping in the area. No further information was reported.

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