EL CENTRO — According to police records, a Hispanic male adult wearing jeans but no shirt or shoes was allegedly causing a disturbance July 4 at a Subway location in El Centro. The subject reportedly took a tray of oatmeal cookies with an alleged total loss value of $10. The alleged assailant left the location in an unknown direction.

BRAWLEY — According to police records, a subject was allegedly trespassing at Brawley Inn July 2. The subject in question reportedly refused to leave the property. The subject was described as a white male adult on a bike last seen wearing no shirt.

BRAWLEY Police records state alleged vandalism occurred on June 2 where a party reportedly stated possible malicious mischief occurred in his property. The reporting party alleged the screen of the front door was broken and appeared to have been kicked in.

El CENTRO  A party reported an alleged theft June 27, stating a mailbox was broken into and opened and the mail was taken. A witness allegedly saw a black sedan pull over and open the mailbox.

WINTERHAVEN  According to police records, a white male adult walked into a store, allegedly shop-lifted and walked away. The subject was last seen wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

HEBER  Police records state a Hispanic female adult last seen wearing a white shirt and jean shorts allegedly kept taking drinks from the drinking station at AM/PM July 1. The subject in question reportedly kept walking around the store taking items. It was alleged the subject in question put the items inside a backpack she was carrying.

EL CENTRO An alleged victim was reportedly stabbed in the index finger June 30 at approximately 11 p.m. at Gomez Park in El Centro. Per police records, the reported victim was approached by two males, possibly gang members, who allegedly pulled out a knife. The victim reportedly tried to grab the knife resulting in the cut to the right index finger. The reporting party was allegedly chased by the two suspects before the chase concluded.

SALTON SEA BEACH — According to police records, a party alleges his blue Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with an Otterbox case was stolen from a casino at Twentynine Palms June 30. The tracking software was reportedly utilized to locate the phone at Silver Sands RV park. It was reported that when the manager asked the alleged subject to return the phone, the subject refused.

El CENTRO — According to police records a reported subject, described as a black male adult around 40 years of age last seen wearing a white shirt and green pants, was allegedly outside an undisclosed location attempting to steal a pair of pants on June 28. When asked to leave, the suspect allegedly started to cause a disturbance with the owner. The subject was reportedly throwing rocks at the property. No damage was done to the property although the alleged suspect was reportedly seen headed toward Willie’s Donuts in El Centro.

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