BRAWLEY — Reported party advised of alleged illegal dumping occurring at Jones and Butters Rd. November 25. No suspect information was given, although party advised bags of trash with needles and pill bottles were allegedly being dumped. Public works was informed regarding incident.

BRAWLEY — According to police records, reported party advised of a Hispanic female adult allegedly attempting to break a window at Travel Inn November 24. Subject was last seen wearing a gray jacket and black pants. Subject was last seen behind Tasty Donuts.

IMPERIAL — Reported party advised of extra patrol in area due to two subjects allegedly riding bikes and stealing mail from mailboxes November 22. Party stated suspects were allegedly riding between 1-2 hours prior to calling. No description of subjects or area was given.

SALTON CITY — Police records inform of a male subject allegedly standing on a platform, looking through binoculars toward a high school November 22. Reported party advised subject stated he was looking into the sea and the school was close to his line of sight. Party advised subject should not be looking into the high school during school hours. No further information was reported.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised of a white male subject allegedly driving a black SUV and taking photos of party’s 17-year-old daughter November 21. Party advised subject was across the street, acting as though he was speaking with someone. Reported party believed the subject took photographs of her and her daughter. Subject was last seen northbound on 6th street and was last seen wearing black glasses.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, a black Volkswagen Jetta crashed into canal area November 21. Reported party advised there was a male allegedly passed out in the passenger side and advised subjects in car had been drinking. No damage was reported. Vehicle was last seen heading northbound on Lotus and 2nd. Party advised vehicle almost hit other vehicles while driving on Austin and Aten Rd. California Highway Patrol was advised of alleged incident, but vehicle was gone on arrival.

HOLTVILLE — Reported party advised of a Hispanic male adult with a purple jacket and brown pants allegedly urinating next to city hall November 23. Party stated subject was under the influence of alcohol and was with a female in a wheelchair.

NILAND — Reported party advised of a white male adult with dark hair last seen wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans allegedly making threats at the internet café November 23. Party advised subject told her not to sleep or go into town and was allegedly threatening another female. No further information was reported.

GLAMIS — According to police records, a reported party located skeletal remains while riding at Wash 20 November 24. No further information was given regarding skeletal description. Party advised about an Oldsmobile in the area.

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