BRAWLEY — Reported party advised of a large black bag seen in the area of E. Williams and Pickett Rd. February 6, with bones inside bag. A beer bottle and knife were also found next to bag. No alleged subjects were seen in area. No further information was given on suspected incident.

BRAWLEY — Reported party advised of subject in an old red SUV with tinted windows February 5, that allegedly pulled up to party and stated he was going to “pop” him. Subject was described as a Hispanic male adult with a shaved head and polarized glasses. Subject was last seen heading eastbound on Main St. No further information was reported.

BRAWLEY — According to police records, three male subjects in a white Pontiac allegedly took a 30 pack of Bud Light beer at Prime Fuel & Mini Mart February 3. Vehicle was last seen in dirt lot near old Highway 111 south of Main St. heading toward Pilot Gas Station. Reported party advised he has video surveillance but was unable to access it.

WESTMORLAND — Reported party advised of an alleged theft of health and safety equipment February 5. Subject in allegation was described as a white male adult wearing goggles with no lenses, a hoodie, teal pants, and a dog, possibly under the influence. Subject was last seen walking along the extension canal near Elmore Desert Ranch.

HEBER — According to reported party, an unknown male subject allegedly loaded tractor and stole it February 4, near Highway 11 southbound from Heber Rd. Party advised subject loaded the tractor and drove off. Tractor was described as blue, open with white rims, and no logos.  

NILAND — An alleged threat was reported February 5, where reported party advised subject allegedly made threat statements wanting to burn down campers near Beal and Low Rd. Subject was last seen wearing a blue jacket, red shirt, and blue pants driving a silver Toyota Tacoma. Subject was last seen at Salvation Mountain. No further information was reported.

NILAND — An alleged 911 was received at Brawley Police Department February 4, with a male subject allegedly stating he was going to kill a female subject. A distressed female subject was heard in the background. Upon calling back there was no answer and three messages were left on phone. No further information was reported.

WINTERHAVEN — Reported party advised of an alleged stolen vehicle February 6, near 450 Quechan Drive. Vehicle was described as a gray 2006 Jaguar Type S, possibly taken by party’s friend who was staying in residence. Subject in allegation was said to be headed to San Diego.

EL CENTRO — A white male adult was allegedly seen on area of 8th St. and Wake Ave. not wearing any pants February 5. Reported party advised subject was possibly defecating in dirt lot. Subject was last seen wearing a black hat and black clothing.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised of an alleged fraud February 2, regarding a promised grant of $7,000. Party advised they had been sending $300-$700 in iTunes, Google, and steam cards to an alleged subject every month for the past five years and subject promised to give party a grant for $7,000 but kept asking for gift cards to pay fees. Money was never sent, and party advised she does not have access to her bank account or credit cards.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, a white male adult was allegedly casing residential property February 4. Reported party advised subject got confrontational upon confronting him. Subject was last seen wearing a black and white shirt and black pants last seen heading eastbound on Sandalwood.

HOLTVILLE — A subject was reported allegedly trespassing residence near Orchard Rd. February 2. Reported party advised subject was barefoot and allegedly set a trash can on fire. Holtville Fire Department was requested upon incident.

SALTON CITY — According to police records, a reported party advised about being stuck near Highway 22 for about 20-30 mins with no food and little water after off-roading in a 2019 black Jeep Wrangler. Two adults were reported on scene and state parks would have units responding as soon as they cleared from another call. No further information was reported.

SALTON CITY — Reported party advised of alleged lost friend February 2, near Corvair St. and North Marina. Party advised friend left an hour prior to calling and had not returned. Alleged lost subject was last seen wearing a black jacket and black leggings. State parks was informed of incident.

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