HOLTVILLE  Party advised of two car windows allegedly stolen from vehicle January 8. The vehicle was described as a white Chevrolet Express. Party stated truck was parked at 9 p.m. January 7, and windows were gone the following morning. Alleged theft occurred at Pine Ave. and estimated the loss at $300.

CALEXICO  According to police records, reported party advised of eight brand new Goodyear Marathon RSS tires allegedly stolen from service yard at Almodoval Diesel Repair January 9. Party advised tires were stolen between 6 p.m. January 7 and January 8. Value of tires was priced at $2,480.

NILAND  Reported party advised of an aggressive canine in the slabs that allegedly almost mauled him January 9. No medical assistance was needed, but party required contact from animal control. Party advised owner was in the area and does not know the name of owner. No description was given on canine.

NILAND  Reported party advised of an alleged fire to trailer property on Beal and Lowe Rd. January 11. An engine and water tender from Station 7 was requested. No information was reported on what caused fire or any injured subjects on scene.

NILAND  Police records inform reported party advised he stabbed a female subject with a screwdriver January 9. Party stated stabbing occurred after female subject allegedly shot a weapon at party. As per party, female subject was opening fire in party’s face and he grabbed a screwdriver off his work bench and stabbed her. Party advised female subject was not a friend. No further information was given.

SEELEY  Reported party advised her car window was allegedly smashed at Sunbeam Lake rest stop. Party also stated her purse was stolen while in the restroom January 9. Party advised only subject in area stated he did not see anything. No description was given on alleged suspects.

EL CENTRO  Reported party advised a Hispanic male adult allegedly in the area of Harding Elementary School for the past two days January 8. It was advised subject appeared to be following parents and children around and parked vehicle in front of the school to see children. Alleged subject was in a black Ford Mustang and was no longer on scene upon police arrival.

EL CENTRO  Reported party advised alleged threats from an unknown number were sent to him through text January 12. Party stated an unknown person sent him a text demanding to take care of a “situation.” If not, he was going to take care of his family. Party provided information about a scam that has been going around showing mutilated bodies and a text message followed stating other person is speaking on behalf of the “Sexual and Pimp Traffic Organization.” Party also advised he came across similar text messages online, where an alleged scammer was sending pictures of dead bodies demanding money. A report was taken on alleged unknown number.

EL CENTRO  Reported party stated she received a call from an unknown number January 12. A female subject answered, and a male caller got on the line and said it was a kidnapping. Party advised she thinks she knows who the female is and started asking questions. Male subject told her she wasn’t in the position to ask questions and party hung up, no longer answering phone to alleged caller. No further information was reported.

EL CENTRO  According to police records, reported party advised of a male and female subject in a gold Nissan Xterra allegedly trying to get party’s son onto vehicle January 12. Party stated a related gold Ford Escape pulled up in front of her residence and asked son if he knew name of certain subject. Party advised driver was a heavy-set Hispanic female adult with red hear and passenger was a heavy-set Hispanic male adult wearing a hat, glasses, and beard.

EL CENTRO  A Hispanic male adult was reported walking out with a pair of Sketchers sneakers on January 12. Reported party advised subject fled property and was last seen walking towards Aarons and only wanted shoes returned. Stolen Sketchers shoes were valued at $60. Subject was last seen wearing a blue hat, blue plaid shirt, jeans, and the alleged stolen black and white Sketchers.

CALIPATRIA  Alleged theft of farm equipment was reported stolen January 12 at Indacochea Sheep Ranch. Reported party advised white 1,000-gallon tank with a single axle trailer was taken the night of calling. No information on alleged suspects was given.

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