BRAWLEY — Reported party advised his vehicle was allegedly stolen December 26. Party stated friend was at his apartment, took the keys when he was not in the room, and left without authorization. Stolen vehicle was registered as a dark gray 2001 Infinity.

BRAWLEY — Police records inform of three subjects in a white Econoline van allegedly begging for money at Pilot Travel Center December 25. Subjects in allegation were described as two white male adults and one white female adults. Reports stated party requested subjects be issued a 30-day trespassing penal code.


HOLTVILLE — Reported party advised of a Hispanic male allegedly yelling sexual comments at his daughter as well as other children in the street December 25, near Viking Tire Shop. Subject was last seen wearing a black beanie, gray jacket with USA flag on back, white shirt, and khaki pants and was possibly under the influence.

HEBER — Reported party advised of three subjects near Dogwood Apartments December 22, attempting battery while trying to take his bicycle. Party stated three subjects were hitting him and couldn’t identify any of them. No further information was reported.

NILAND — Anonymous reported party advised of a subject that allegedly burned his bunker down December 21. No information was reported on subject description or cause of alleged arson to property.

NILAND — Reported party advised of a subject who stated he was stabbed and made his way to camp to get stitched up December 22. It is unknown if medical assistance was needed. No reports were given on suspect.

NILAND — Police records inform of a male and female subject who allegedly went to reported party’s residence asking for water and food then stealing her gas can December 25. Subjects were described as a female last seen wearing a gray shirt and black pants, and male subject last seen wearing brown clothing. Subjects left towards the canal on foot. No further information was reported.

NILAND — Reported party advised of a female subject who drove by in a white pickup truck yelling profanity and threatening to kill him December 25. Party advised subject was near Beal Rd. and did not know if she had weapons. No further information was reported.

EL CENTRO — A tractor reported from Heritage Farms was allegedly stolen December 23. Tractor was last seen December 3, and report was taken for alleged theft of tractor. No information was given on alleged suspects.

EL CENTRO — Police records inform of two male transients allegedly harassing customers inside unnamed business and asking for money December 22. Party advised subjects became aggressive towards an elderly female after she refused to give them money. No weapons were seen, although subjects may have been drinking. Subjects were gone upon police arrival.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised of a male subject in a red Honda Accord that allegedly drove up to gas pumps and lit a firework December 22. Reports stated vehicle left location was last seen southbound on 4th street. No hazard was reported regarding incident.

EL CENTRO — According to police records, a Hispanic male adult allegedly scratched reported party’s CalVans company vehicle with a switchblade December 20, near Cardenas Market. Party advised subject had a large knife with him and was hiding knife in his bags. Subject was last seen wearing a black cap, white shirt, brown jacket, and black shorts with long white socks. Subject was detained.

EL CENTRO — Reported party advised she was attacked by a masked subject near El Centro Regional Medical Center December 20. Party stated she was sexually assaulted by a large subject with a beard described to be in his late 20’s last seen wearing dark clothing. Alleged incident was reported to occur between 1 and 3 p.m.

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