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EL CENTRO — A reporting party requested to be taken to jail after her house members refused to call the police. She said if she was not picked up, she would hurt herself or others.

EL CENTRO — A reporting party was locked inside the cemetery and requested assistance.

BRAWLEY — A reporting party advised of a small plane flying over Highway 111. They believed the plane was trying to make an emergency landing on the highway.


HEBER — Reports inform of about 50 cars in the field. The reporting party advised there were male subjects in the area, but no further information was given.

NILAND — A reporting party advised of a male subject allegedly waving a handgun and making threats. No further information was given.

NILAND — A reporting party advised there were about seven subjects outside his residence allegedly rioting. He said they threw a noose and he feared the situation might escalate. He advised he was secure in his home with his 72-year-old uncle.

DESERT SHORES — Reports inform of an elderly white female subject stuck on a fence after allegedly attempting to climb over it.


OCOTILLO — Reports inform of a motorcycle down. The rider was found unconscious. No further information was given.

IMPERIAL — A reporting party advised a subject allegedly stole items from her son. She said when she confronted the subject, he threatened to kill her cats.

SEELEY — A reporting party informed of neglected animals — a donkey, pigs, goats, and a dog — with carcasses left near them at the residence. They said the animals had no food and the pig looked like it was going to die. She said the pig was foaming at the mouth.


NILAND — A reporting party advised of subjects who are allegedly up all night with a large spotlight. They believed the subjects were possibly cooking drugs and it has been an ongoing issue.


BOMBAY BEACH — A reporting party advised his wife threw their keys away and she was trying to jump into the dumpster to look for them. He advised they were possibly dehydrated.

EL CENTRO — A reporting party advised of a white female adult who showed up at her doorstep and stated she was beaten by her boyfriend. Her leg was reported swollen.


BRAWLEY — Reports inform of an individual with pellet fragments in the back of her head after accidentally getting shot in the head by hunters in the area of Jessup Road in Seeley.

HOLTVILLE — A medical emergency was reported when a 21-year-old male subject reported he was allegedly stabbed multiple times in his side. He said he was at the park when the incident happened, and he believed he was going into shock. No further information was provided.

HOLTVILLE — A reporting party advised she was putting her mother to bed when her grandson was allegedly taken through the window. She said no one else was in the room with her and could not elaborate where the parents of her grandson were.


Nothing to report.

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