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Nothing to report.


CALEXICO — A reporting party advised authorities of alleged mail package thefts to various residences on East 4th Street. The reporting party was supposed to receive a package October 3, but the Post Office advised police said package had already been delivered after 12 p.m. on October 3.

NILAND — Reports inform of a man allegedly trespassing near Grace Smith School. The subject was seen walking in circles across from the school. The person was described as a white adult male with curly red hair, last seen wearing a red shirt, black/brown pants, walking barefooted.

OCOTILLO — A reporting party advised of parking lot vandalism and theft of water from the water tank of the Imperial Valley Desert Museum.

SEELEY — A resident advised she found her dog shot and deceased in her front yard.

WESTMORLAND — A reporting party advised two subjects were allegedly shooting a rifle in the area of Baughman and Lack Roads in the middle of the day. The subjects were in a green pickup truck, one last seen wearing a gray shirt.

WINTERHAVEN — A subject was allegedly trying to walk away from the Port of Entry with a rifle stuffed in his pants. Imperial County Sheriff’s Office assisted authorities on the 200 block of Algodones Road when the subject was carrying a broken down 22 caliber rifle stuffed into his pants as he was trying to walk south toward Mexico.

WINTERHAVEN — An alleged hit and run involving a white 2020 Buick Encore was reported by the Yuma Police Department. The vehicle was reported as having temporary license plates and possible front-end damage from hitting a trailer. The subject allegedly involved was reported last seen wearing a blue shirt and white Levi’s.


WINTERHAVEN — A male subject allegedly threw soda at a bird then took the liquid off of a table and put it in his pants. No further information was given.


EL CENTRO — A local patron was allegedly seen in repeated petty thefts, attempted petty thefts, and trespassing and refusing to leave at six different stores across the north side of El Centro.

The incidents occurred between 9:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. along the Food 4 Less, Walmart, and Aldi shopping centers, with the suspect allegedly refusing to leave a store after not wearing a protective COVID mask and allegedly spitting on flowers about $300 in value, which were later destroyed.

Only one of the stores where incidents allegedly occurred pressed charges, according to the logs. Other than the citation given to the subject at that particular store, each time the subject was sent on her way by police, according to the logs.


BRAWLEY — A subject was allegedly running around naked on a ditch bank toward a residential area. No further information was given.

EL CENTRO — A man was arrested for alleged criminal threats and battery on a person. The suspect — described as a 40-year-old white male adult last seen wearing a blue shirt and jeans — allegedly threw rocks at the reporting party and threatened the store manager that he would return with a rifle. The man was booked at another store and was turned over to Imperial County Sheriff’s Office.

SALTON SEA BEACH — A reporting party found a large pile of stolen mail. Per other log entries, Salton Sea area residents had previously reported stolen mail.


EL CENTRO — A man was allegedly seen exposing himself and urinating in public. He was described as shirtless, wearing blue boxer shorts, and walking around the truck parking lot. He was allegedly under the influence of controlled substances. After initially refusing medical care, the man was turned over to American Medical Response.


Nothing to report.

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