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EL CENTRO — Reports inform of an ongoing issue with a 50-year-old Hispanic male allegedly entering a business, concealing property, and running out through the emergency exit. Police responded and secured the property, $300 value, Friday, January 1.

EL CENTRO — A reporting party advised their son was allegedly yelling inside his residence, banging on walls, and possibly hitting his girlfriend Friday, January 1. A physical altercation was later reported between the son and his girlfriend. The female was then taken home. No further assistance was requested.

EL CENTRO — A reporting party advised her ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened to send someone to kill her, share intimate photos of her, and hurt her family Friday, January 1. She was advised of her options and said she would go to the police in the morning.

EL CENTRO — A reporting party advised an unknown male subject allegedly walked up to her front door Friday, January 1. The reporting party’s boyfriend went outside to walk the subject off the property; however, she could no longer see her boyfriend and was concerned. The call was referred to ICSO. No further information was provided.

EL CENTRO — A reporting party advised her son was at the Shell gas station when a white male adult allegedly threatened him with a knife Friday, January 1. The subject allegedly wanted the reporting party’s son’s phone. He reportedly left the location and did not give the subject his phone. The subject then threw the knife at the reporting party’s truck. The male subject was reportedly with a female subject.

NILAND — A reporting party advised a student allegedly sent an email to the teacher stating she was losing her mind and had thoughts of ending it and could not take it anymore Friday, January 1. The student allegedly has a history of bipolar disorder. The reporting party was outside the student’s residence with a counselor.

OCOTILLO — A possible assault was reported Saturday, January 2, at the OHV area of painted gorge. The assault reportedly occurred December 31 by the reporting party’s son-in-law. No further information was provided.

GLAMIS — Reports inform of an off-roading accident with a 26-year-old unresponsive male with difficulty breathing Saturday, January 2. The subject also had a pacemaker. No further information was provided.

HOLTVILLE — A hotel guest reported someone shot a gun and the bullet went through the wall Saturday, January 2. It was unknown when the incident occurred, but they found the bullet and the hole in the wall.

EL CENTRO — A be on the lookout (BOLO) was reported Saturday, January 2, for a missing Hispanic female juvenile. She was suspected to be entering Yuma, Arizona with her friends.

SALTON SEA BEACH — Reports inform of three juveniles smoking marijuana, harassing other kids at the park, and yelling racial slurs at people Saturday, January 2. No further information was provided.

WINTERHAVEN — A medical emergency was reported Saturday, January 2, when a 22-year-old male subject fell from the sky while paramotoring. Reports inform he was conscious and breathing after the fall.

EL CENTRO — Reports inform of a motorcycle in the canal bank Tuesday, January 5. Water was in the canal and it was unknown if the motorcycle rider was in the water.

SALTON CITY — A reporting party advised he had eight flares from the Vietnam War in his possession Tuesday, January 5. He requested a deputy to go to his location to dispose of the flares.

HEBER — A reporting party advised her friend allegedly defecated in her vehicle and then threw it at residences doors Tuesday, January 5.

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