Jim_ShinnWhen you say the word “sub”, chaos, shenanigans and paper airplanes come to mind.


A sub is a teacher who comes into the classroom when the regular teacher is out ill, at training, or dealing with some personal needs.


At Valley Baptist Church, we have had a sub for a long time because of our pastor being sick. We are very fortunate that the Lord has provided Andy McCandless as our substitute shepherd.


“Big A” (Andy) is about six feet- 20 inches tall, but those of us look up to him not only because of his stature, but his skills in teaching the word of God. He is clear, articulate, and very funny. He is a great substitute, but we all want our pastor, Jim Tucker, back up front, spitting scripture on his sheep. We are very fortunate to have the continuity in getting fed the Word in a quality manner.


Andy has stepped up. He is in an ordained pastor with a long history of ministry and missions work. He was called to stand in the gap, but we are all called to step up and stand in from time to time.


We were all given the Great Commission. If we do it and serve Him somehow, we are blessed and through God’s Holy Spirit, those around us are lifted up as well. The branches with the most fruit are lowest to the ground.


During the beginning of our pastor’s illness (leukemia), Brother Andy did a several week Bible study at Valley Baptist on prayer. Although, I am not a prayer warrior like others in my church, my prayer life has become more persistent and powerful.


We are called to be unceasing in our prayer. Well, I’m not there yet, but I am much better, more consistent and I am more apt to pray with a stranger. That’s when you know you have risen on the learning curve, when the parishioner really is practicing what is preached.


Do you practice what is preached? Are you Jesus’s substitute, called to do something for the kingdom here on Earth?


Well, the answer is yes. We are all called. When we are saved, we are given a spiritual gift to be heaven’s helper. If you don’t have a church or are hungry for some different spiritual food, come on down to 7th and “B” Street in Brawley.


 Speaking of substitutes…Jesus was your substitute when He hung on the cross! So rather than throwing away your spiritual gifts like a paper airplane, find a church to serve in! You will find there really is no substitute for spending time in the Word and with God’s people.