The Martian: A movie review




I like survival stories. Maybe, that is because I am 63 and survived this long! If you are a sci-fi buff, The Martian will meet your needs. If you like Matt Damon, then you will be doubly pleased.


I like the theme of man against nature and how the human mind can overcome lots of adversity. I think it all goes back to when I saw the “Swiss Family Robinson” as a child, and all the cool things they did when they were stuck on a deserted island after a shipwreck.


There are similarities in survivor stories.


In The Martian, Matt Damon plays an abandoned spaceman, separated from his crew in a big wind storm on Mars, and he gets left behind.


I like the resurrection stories too, where the good guy gets left for dead but gets up later, heals and overcomes obstacles. Damon was not the victim of malice, but people getting hurt is what happens in a crisis. The cost/benefit analysis kicks in and there is often a loss when decisions are made for the benefit of the most.


No one knew he was alive, but through math, botany and engineering, Matt the Martian Man, beat the odds. He was later able to communicate his existence that then led Houston to say once again, “We have a problem!” There was a lot of guilt going around the space station when they realized they left someone behind.


The film is a feel good story with lots of fantasy, but that’s what we go to the movies for. The film also had a good amount of humor which was a nice balance to some of the tragic circumstances.


Half the film was about survival, and the other was about the rescue. Picking someone up from Mars is a little costlier that the Middle East. There is always the human cost, but when we are talking about a rescue in another part of the solar system, it becomes a lot more political when millions of dollars are involved.


Jeff Daniels did a good job as the head of NASA. The movie ends with some fantasies about international cooperation. Again to feel good.


Nerds and social media folks will like the film a lot. A group of geniuses save the day, and the whole world gets an up close and personal view of the whole salvation project. It is good science fiction with a lot of successful special effects moments. It is also a movie for the whole family to watch, but maybe just a couple of “F” bombs, but no worse than most junior high playgrounds.


You can enjoy this space adventure in your living room, but if you can watch it on the big screen, it will be more visual pleasing. Either way, you will experience sci-fi satisfaction!