The Culture of Life’s bingo event raises money for new ultrasound unit

Margie Madueno, spokesperson for The Culture of Life,  plays a round of bingo during the fundraising event  Saturday at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in El Centro.

EL CENTRO – The Culture of Life hosted a bingo fundraising event Saturday evening at St. Mary’s Catholic Church to raise money for a mobile ultrasound unit. The event was pro-life inspired and all proceeds will go towards pro-life efforts.

The Culture of Life is an organization dedicated to providing education regarding abortion. More specifically, they are devoted to providing pro-life information and options.

For example, they are hosting a function in which participants are asked to pray and fast for 40 days. During the 40-day event, participants will organize community outreach opportunities to raise awareness about abortion.

Margie Madueno, spokesperson for The Culture of Life, said their goal is to have no abortions in Imperial County. And she believes one way to lower abortion rates is with an ultrasound unit that gives an image of the child.

“We’re here to promote life and bring awareness to choosing life. A picture says a million words, and I believe that being able to see the baby makes moms change their minds about having the abortion,” said Madueno.

Bingo goers paid an entrance fee of $25. That money will be contributed to the new ultrasound unit, while also giving attendees the opportunity for family fun. Participants were encouraged not only to participate in bingo, but to join in the silent auction and raffles.

According to Madueno, abortions can affect more than just the mother. She believes the father, grandparents, siblings, and the community are all affected by just one abortion.

This bingo event was the second annual Bingo Affair and Madueno intends to host the event for many years to come.

Many bingo goers were glad to be supporting a cause they believed in and felt so passionately about. Several of the participants said they wanted to make a change in their community.

Madueno said, “The effects of just one abortion to the community, family, and parents is massive. Through our events and our motivation, I hope that others will see that abortion is not okay.”


  1. Go for this and pro-life. I volunteer and women who have abortions have a very hard time getting over the death of their child. God Bless You.