The “Cluck” Stopped Here (The Tractor Supply Store)

Jodi Laiblin-Carrara speaks to the audience about poultry care

EL CENTRO- Monday, a free poultry workshop, “The Cluck” was held at the Tractor Supply Store in El Centro to teach customers care and maintenance of their little chicks. Participants received poultry care handouts during the workshop, which explained to poultry purchasers the finer points between a laying chicken, meat breeds and the dual-purpose breeds.

“I came tonight because we have chickens and I want to teach my kids the right way to feed them right and take care of them. This workshop will help a lot,” said El Centro resident Jessica Bottcher.

A cute handout, the “chick checklist” was handed to children to color. The checklist explained equipment needed, warnings about temperature extremes, environmental concerns, and the importance of fresh water and proper feed.

The speaker of the night, Jodi Laiblin-Carrara, retail account representative for Cargil Feed and Nutrition, pulled guest in as she interacted with the audience. “I hope that this will build awareness to those that want to purchase chicks or may have already purchased one or more,” said Carrara.

The Nutrena sponsored workshop was also given to the employees of the Tractor Supply Store as a free class to keep them up-to-date on the latest poultry knowledge. ” I think its great, it will help us meet our customers with their poultry needs, and we can teach them how to take care of chickens now,” said the Tractor Supply store Manager Ruben Garcia.

For more information on the workshop you may contact the Tractor Supply at (760)312-9734.

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