The City of Brawley temporarily closes Julia Drive and Willard Avenue



Corner of Julia and Willard
Water leakage from Mansfield Canal Pipeline


The swarm of earthquakes last Sunday, August 26th caused several water lines in Brawley to break and capping the lines for repairs caused further pressure on the  older cast iron pipes resulting in additional ruptures.

The worst of the breaks was the Brawley’s main water line, the Mansfield Canal Pipeline, that feeds into the city water plant.

The pipe has been leaking water since August 26th and the delay in repair resulted from determining the best plan to fix the pipe without interrupting water service for the city, and for the largest consumer of city water, the beef plant. The leakage also caused the water plant to operate below full reservoir levels.

During repairs, which began Wednesday night, the city will close the roads of Julia Drive and Willard Avenue. The city asks residents to conserve water as the IID works on the canal pipeline.

Repair plans include tapping into the pipe before the break and rerouting the water through a temporary pipeline back into the reservoir. Repairs are estimated to finish on September 7th.

If you have any questions, please contact Department of Public

Works at 760-344-5800 Ext. 10