The Beat



CALEXICO- On Sunday, June 12, police responded to the listed address in regards to a suicidal subject. Upon arrival, they encountered the subject in question in her bedroom. A mental health evaluation was conducted and determined the subject met the criteria for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation. The woman was taken into custody and transported to the Imperil County Behavioral Health Center in El Centro.

CALEXICO- On Saturday, June 11, at approximately 8:27 pm a CPD officer was dispatched to the Calexico Police Department’s front lobby in reference to a suicidal subject. The reporting party stated that she received picture text messages from her ex-husband drinking alcoholic beverages and pointing a semi-automatic weapon to his head and chest. The husband told his wife to not call the police; otherwise he would have the police finish him off. All the information was relayed to the Long Beach Police Department, the town where the husband was sending photos, and the LBPD arrived on the scene with the husband moments later.

CALEXICO- Saturday, June 11, Calexico Police Department officers arrived at First St. and Heffernan Ave.  in reference to U.S. Border Patrol having one subject detained for vandalism. The subject was identified. He had tagged the pillar of a building at 209 First Street with a black permanent marker. The tagger was arrested for being intoxicated in public and was cited and released to his uncle.