Television Show Host Raises Scholarships for Students at “B” de Becas Fundraiser

Gerardo Venegas and performer Mariana Nuñez pose during the “B” de Becas Scholarship Fundraiser at the Calexico Smart Buy Friday.


CALEXICO –   More than 200 people attended “B” de Becas, a local scholarship fundraising event held Friday that headlined several local bands and singers. “B” de Becas (“scholarships” in Spanish) was founded by Gerardo Venegas, host of the television show “V” de Venegas, that airs on channel 66.

“Last year ‘B’ de Becas awarded $300 scholarships to five senior Southwest High School Students during the Mexican Independence Day celebration in the City of El Centro,” said Venegas. “Immediately after, I received various phone calls from other high schools in different cities, including Calexico, asking if they possibly could be included during the choosing process.”

Venegas said this is a way of giving back to Imperial Valley for all of the support during the 25 years of acceptance the Valley has given him for being a television show host.

This year, twelve students will be awarded a $300 scholarship during the Mexican Independence Day ceremony. This year’s participating schools include Calexico High School, Southwest High School and Central High School.

According to Venegas, the scholarships are targeted towards Hispanic students who are raised in low income households.

“Scholarships open doors for students from low income families, by providing some financial assistance for those who need it most,” said Venegas.

Venegas said $300 is not a lot, however, it can assist students with fuel costs, books, meals or even a pair of sneakers, and he said every little bit helps.

“The participating schools provide me with a list of students who qualify for scholarships,” said Venegas. “I’m not discriminating, this is just a way to support our community.”

Attendees enjoyed an array of singers and bands including Jerry Demara, Tropic 2, Mariana Nuñez, Jonathan Cortez and AF2.

Tony Obeso of Tropic 2 said it was a pleasure to be a part of the entertainment and helping out such a great cause.

“It’s great that Gerardo Venegas is doing this for the youth, and I appreciate him inviting me to be a part of this event,” said Obeso. “When I was a student, programs like these didn’t exist, nobody helped me.”

The event was completely sold out with approximately 200 people in attendance.

“What’s better than helping out a good cause, hearing excellent music, dancing and enjoying the evening with friends?” said Norma Lama, a Mexicali resident.

Venegas hopes to increase the number of scholarships every year.

“I encourage Valley residents to participate in these types of events and help out our community,” said Venegas. “Every little bit helps.”

“B” de Becas’ main sponsors include Guadalajara’s Restaurant, Ruben’s Raspados, Gene Araujo, Patricia Parilla, Discount Stereo, Family Barriga, JNS Air Conditioning, Willy Hermosilo, Mr. Mendoza, Bermudez All State and VAZQO THECG.

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