T.L. Waggoner celebrates Red Ribbon Week

T.L. Waggoner students (L-R) sisters Eva and Zoe Tirado have ‘Teddys’ in arms during “Hugs not Drugs Day” at the school.

IMPERIAL – Imperial students celebrated Red Ribbon Week with Tuesday marking the second of five anti-drug-themed spirit days.

On Monday, the kids wore boots to promote “Give Drugs the Boot” day. Teddy Bears filled the T.L. Waggoner Campus Tuesday for the “Give Hugs, not Drugs” campaign.

OnWednesday, the children were encouraged to dress like superheroes to endorse the “Heroes don’t do Drugs” concept.

Thursday will be “Drugs are Old School” day as kids will be encouraged to dress in 1950s era clothing. And a parade on Friday will conclude Ribbon Week for T.L Waggoner where all students will be asked to wear red.