Sustaining Organic Living hosts ‘Oceans’ summer session for kids

Children chisel down ice to reveal prehistoric animals during the “Oceans” session hosted by Sustaining Organic Living July 12 and 13 in Imperial.

IMPERIAL – Sustaining Organic Living, a community cooperative that features organic food, is one of the newest businesses in Imperial, and in an effort to educate children, it hosted a summer session July 12 and 13 to teach about the ocean environment.

“Throughout the month of July and August, we will be having these summer sessions to give families a chance to get their children active in a fun and educational event, that doesn’t involve children being out in the heat,” said co-owner Rene Pollard.

The first day, children learned about icebergs and the history of how prehistoric animals became frozen in some of the giant icebergs and the ongoing studies of scientists examining data to make connections to the past.

“We wanted to give the students a type of history lesson, to show them how scientists today rely on these remains to figure how the secrets of what life used to be like in the past,” said Pollard.

To engage the kids in the lesson, Pollard froze plastic figures in ice and allowed children to excavate them using a hammer and chisel to chop away at the mini icebergs, revealing the different prehistoric beasts.

The second day of the camp shifted gears and gave children the opportunity to learn about the depth of the ocean as well as the science of buoyancy.

“For the second day, we wanted to teach children how big the ocean is, and how objects can float in the ocean,” Pollard explained.

To create this activity, Pollard gave children jars and different types of liquid and instructed the group to pour water into the jar. Then they placed oil on top of the water, which did not mix with the water. In this way, kids were taught that the oil does not mix, because it is not as dense as the water. Pollard also use the different levels of liquids in the jar as an example of the depths of our oceans, showing children how vast the oceans are.

The summer sessions for Sustaining Organic living will continue with a “space” week, “camping” week, and “science” week, giving families an opportunity to stay out of the heat and join in educational events, Pollard said.