SUPES Approve Large Playground For The Seeley Community Park

Community and Economic Development Manager Esperanza Colio-Warren presented the Board of Supervisors with option for the improvements to the Seeley Community Park

SEELEY – Kids in Seeley will soon enjoy a new playground as the Imperial County Board of Supervisors awarded the winning bid of $173,856 to A&N Quality Builders for improvement to the existing Seeley Community Park during Monday’s board meeting.

Improvements to the park will include playground equipment, two shade structures, picnic tables, and two ADA parking spaces.

“The lowest bid we received was from A&N Quality Builders in the amount of $173,856, however, the grant obtained from the Department of Housing and Community Department is not sufficient to cover this amount,” advised Colio. “Therefore, we are asking direction from the board to either approve the bid along with an additional $48,206 from the county or direction from you to re-bid the project.”

Colio also reminded the board that ADA parking spaces and accessibility are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The board voted unanimously, 5-0, to approve the bid and agreed to cover the $48,206 difference with the county’s contingency fund.

“This is the first step to do something for this un-incorporated community that desperately needs some assistance, so the children can do something during the summer time when they are out of school,” said Michael Kelley, D-3 Supervisor. “It would be an embarrassment if this board would not go forward with this approval today and I also propose we seek funding for a community center for the residents of Seeley,” added Kelley.

Seeley resident Juan Zarate approached the board and spoke on behalf of the Seeley community, asking the board to consider the community need and approve the bid.

“I thought we had been forgotten,” said another Seeley resident.

On January 14, 2015, the County of Imperial had received an executed contract in the amount of $125,650 from the State’s Department of Housing and Community Department to fund improvements to the Seeley Community Park.

On November 17, 2015, the Board approved the plans and specifications to procure a contractor through a public bidding process.  Two design alternatives were provided for the playground equipment in which a larger playground was selected with the conclusion that a larger structure would best serve the community. Therefore, with the base bid amount of $105,578 and the larger playground in the amount of $68,278, the total bid for A&N Quality Builders amounted to $173,856.



  1. Way to go supervisors. We need more parks and things for kids and families. The prison brings a lot of jobs and money to the community and it is good to bless Seeley since the prison is in their backyard. I really like some of the new things they are doing in playgrounds these days!

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