Sunny Day Greets 7th Annual Lofton Foundation Charity Golf Tournament


BRAWLEY — After an evening of pouring rain, golf players welcomed Saturday morning’s sunshine, clear skies and gentle breezes at the Justin Lofton Foundation Charity Golf Tournament at Del Rio Country Club in Brawley.

“Today is much better than yesterday,” Justin Lofton said. “Right now we have the best weather in the country and there are people here from all over the country that come out just to experience this.”

Lofton, who grew up north of Brawley, made history as the first person who won a back-to-back Mint 400 Overall Champion title for the great American off-road race in Las Vegas in 2015 and 2016.

“Considering the conditions, I’m pretty happy with it,” said Garry Hevener, a Brawley golfer of his game. He said he would depend on the two other golfers on his team.

Las Vegas resident Kenny Cox concurred with Hevener. “It’s nice and it’s better than yesterday. The course is great and I just need to play a little bit better.”

The tournament started with a shotgun start at 9:30 a.m. and the three-men-scramble teams rode in their golf carts to their designated areas to begin playing. According to Lisa Lofton, wife of Justin, there were 34 teams of three for a total of 102 golf players. She said there some people who came in from Chicago and Nebraska for the tournament.

The coveted prize is a perpetual trophy with names of winning teams over the past six years written on the base of the trophy cup. Other prizes included a replay camera, and a custom putter with a replica of Lofton’s race truck when he was in the NASCAR series.

Two off-road vehicles were on display near the golf course and several banners and stand-up posters bearing the names of sponsors were on display. The event program listed January 20, 2018 next year as the date of the eighth Annual Tournament.

“I thank everyone for participating and supporting our event for the past seven years and we look forward to many, many, many more,” Lisa Lofton said.